None of us is omniscient🧘‍♂️

It’s a great thing to have a plan, a daily routine we carry out to achieve of our set goals,
But it’s wrong if our source of joy or sense of accomplishments depends on it.
From the words of a writer “the power to create a qaulity life is not in planner”
It’s not in any techinque or method and it’s not limited in our ability to plan a day or our routine,
Like I said?none of us is omniscient,
We don’t know what opportunities,challanges,suprises,sorrow or unexpected joy the next moment of our lives can bring,
But if we are too rigid with our plans/routines and not flexible enough,
We will react wrongly to our circumstaces,
Our power to create qaulity life lies within us,
In Our ability to stay truthful to ourselves and act with integrity in moments of choice,
Whichever situation you find yourself learn to listen to yourself and let your mind guide you don’t get caught up in your logical plans,
It doesn’t usually work out the way you planned it,
You are not omniscient.✍🏻
Thanks for reading my short article😊

opinions,objections,and comments are highly welcome.🌺🌺

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