I soo much believe every man has a giftt,
Each and every one us have something we can do more than anyone else.
But it only requires a conscious effort from us to dig out what our talent truly is so that we can birth God’s given purpose in our lives,
Our talent is meant to show a dimension of God while on earth,
The grave is wealthiest place on earth
You know why?
It is full many dead talents,Untapped potentials,and purposes that were hidden.
Try and connect with yourself,neglect the influence of this world and listen more to yourself,
What makes you happy,what gets you angry,what makes you feel alive,
Observe every fine details about yourself,
In there you will discover you!
Don’t take life as it comes,you deserve more!
You deserve you!
Someone once said,
You living outside purpose drains you easily,
You lose your life count,
For example,if singing is your purpose,
try and observe how you feel when you sing,
You feel alive and feel connected.
Living your purpose gives you life.

Comment and tell me about what you think about purpose discovery.

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