This particular day

This particular day


I wished I could silence this Alarm forever as it disturbed my smooth sleep for the umpteenth time today, this particular day I needed to sleep well as I had to meet a spectacular client during the course of the day.

She had been a prospect for several months, we couldn’t get to meet her owing nonetheless Her Busy schedule, She was a politician at the Federal Level.

“We’ll discuss this over breakfast on Thursday, I have a flight to catch by 1:00 pm, Make it down to Isle Drive on time for breakfast so we can talk” – She finally responded to one of her numerous missed calls.

“Certainly ma, I will – ” I was cut off by the click sound for the other end. She’d ended the call even before I could give her a reply.

Wednesday came quite slowly as I couldn’t even wait to meet with my client the next day, I had briefed the MD about the meeting and he had granted me the day off, The deal was quite important. On the other hand, I couldn’t wait to show off my new client to my counterparts as I had this only chance to make boast of my qualities.

I started preps after work dividing my 12 hours into two, 6 hours for through preps and practice and six hours of sleep. After a convincing prep, I was sure ready for the next day.

“It’s still midnight” , I murmured to myself as I turned over to the other side of the bed, I needed to sleep well, I have a big day ahead.

The alarm again.

I squinted through my seemingly dark room with all the reluctance I could muster and across my table, I couldn’t believe this figures staring at my face.

It’s 8:00 am.
Father Lord! Not today! Isle drive is over 2 hours by train.

I rushed out of bed towards the bathroom as I had to brush my teeth under the shower, I gritted in pains as I scratched my gums. My stomach gave a rumble sound as I turned off the shower, I had eaten a little bit late the night before.

Not today!

Who again? I queried my buzzing phone. It was my MD. “Temi Bami Leni” I exclaimed.

“Mayowa, I’m sure you’re at the Davies’ Residence already” – His Basso profondo Voice echoed on the other side.

“Sir, I…, ehm, I’m almost” – My voice trailed off as I searched for the perfect lie to tell.

“You know how much I’ve Laboured on this deal, don’t kill this” – He dropped the call.

“Yen Yen Yen, Like say na you dey do am” – I hissed

The available train was about to depart the station when I got there, I Bought tickets, ran down to the train driver.

“Oga, Abeg, I go stand” – I pleaded.

After much persuasion cum explanation, He allowed me in. We arrived Kings parks at 11:15 am, Breakfast is over already, I was sure.

I took the pedestrian bend to save time, for a moment the whole hustle seemed into a sudden halt with a thud.

There she was, Moderately made up, her ‘all back’ braids graciously distinct, Her skin had a touch of melanin , a typical African beauty.

I stared at her as she picked the scattered contents of her handbag.

  1. “I – I’m sorry” -I managed to speak up.

“Kini man seyin ri na? Oo si a wo ibi tonlo, osi radarada” – she hissed and walked away rolling her eyes.

This isn’t zee world – “Eventuarry”

“Omo Ibadan” – I laughed to myself as I hurried down Isle drive.


                                  © Babalola Mayowa D.

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