The Pen

The Pen

The Pen

When the jaunt fail, what sea Should I sail?
The pen a rescuing tent.
Even when reality fails, the rescuing tent oblige.
Reality gives no way for the mind
But that tent does- am I right?
An exceptional imaginary world I built,
But reality gives the exasperated; that tent gives all right?
I’m at the centre of reality, to and fro
Happiness? Kinda!
Uncertainty lies in my affirmation.
Exploring the world lies imaginary,
Yes! I’m optimistic.
Now I want the impeccable,
Want a life in the pen!
I give no cognizance to Reality,
Certainty worths the uncertainty.
Even if it seems not real;
I know I could do all by the pen.
I’m back to my tent.

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