Everyone admires a self-confident
person. We may even envy them a little!
Self-confident people seem at ease
with themselves and their work. They
invite trust and inspire confidence in
others. These are attractive
It’s not always easy to be confident in
yourself, particularly if you’re naturally
self-critical, or if other people put you
down. But there are steps that you can
take to increase and maintain your self-
Self-confidence is a bit like the
running water in your house. You
may not know every detail about
how it works or where it comes
from, but it’s painfully obvious
when it’s not there. Like when
your water is shut off, a dearth of
self-confidence has a huge
negative impact on your health
and lifestyle. Fortunately, there
are things you can do to shore it
Confidence can be a tough thing to build up. We’ve put
together some handy tips to
help you out. If you’re still
having a hard time even
after trying these self-help
ideas, don’t worry! We’ve
also listed the ways you can
find extra support and work
on boosting your confidence
with the help of others.
What is a confident person?
Not everyone is born with an
inbuilt sense of self-confidence.
Sometimes it can be hard to
develop confidence, either
because personal experiences
have caused you to lose
confidence or because you suffer
from low self-esteem.
A confident person:
does what they believe is right,
even if it’s unpopular is willing to take risks
admits their mistakes and
learns from them
is able to accept a compliment
is optimistic.
Increase a sense or seT Worth.
the more self-confidence a
person has, the more they value
themselves and their abilities.
And this is what creates that
“hold your head up high” feeling
in life!
2. More happiness and joy in life:
the more self-confident you are,
the happier you are with yourself
and the more you enjoy what life
has to offer. It’s that simple!
3. Less fear and anxiety: when
confidence is high, you can
accept, adapt, learn, gain, and
benefit from any situation in life.
In this way, you naturally replace fear and with greater confidence in yourself and your
4. Freedom from social anxiety:
the more secure you feel in your
self worth, the less worried you’ll
be about what others think of
you in social situations-this
allows you to enjoy people more
5. More peace of mind and less
stress: freedom from self doubt,
fear, and anxiety naturally translates into greater peace of
mind and a more stress-free life.
6. More energy and motivation to
act: the more confident you are
that you can achieve things you
want to achieve (like personal
goals or dreams), the more
motivated and energized you are
to take action to achieve them!
7. Greater success: in case it’s ever
been a mystery why self-
confident people are tend to be
more successful, noW you know!
Each of the benefits above help
you achieve things you want to
achieve faster and more easily.
Why Self-Confidence
Self-confidence is vital in almost every
aspect of our lives, yet many people
struggle to find it. Sadly, this can be a
vicious cycle: people who lack self
confidence are less likely to achieve the
success that could give them more
For example, you might not want to
back a project that’s pitched by
someone who’s visibly nervous,
fumbling, or constantly apologizing. On
the other hand, you might be
persuaded by someone who speaks
clearly, who holds their head high,
answers questions with assurance, and
readily admits when they don’t know
How to Appear More
Confident to Others
You can show self-confidence in many
ways: in your behavior, your body
language, and in what you say and how
you say it.
Projecting a positive image to others
can help you to improve your self-
confidence. It’s not simply a matter of
“faking it.” If you project with
confidence, others are more likely to
respond well, this positive feedback will help you to believe in

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