Empathy is the ability to emotionally understand what other people feel,see thing from their point of view,and imagine yourself in their place, position.

THE POWER OF EMPATHY Often discussed as something that we might do (or perhaps should do) to be a good person, feeling empathetic helps us make connections with others and understand them better. It’s different from having sympathy for someone, which means to look at their suffering from the outside and feel sorry or sad for them. Empathy is feeling someone else’s pain or seeing through their eyes. It’s also a precursor to compassion, which is empathy in action-a commitment to doing something that relievessomething that relieves someone else’s suffering.

But here’s another reason to foster empathy for others: Experiencing empathy can make your own life better. Empathy can open your heart, letting in more feelings, but also softening some of the tough experiences. As we build empathy for others, we understand them more and can connect with them differently, which boosts our resilience—the ability to bounce back after challenges.
Empathy for others doesn’t always lead them to change their behaviors—and we can’t expect it to. We can only hope that in exploring the rough terrain of empathy within ourselves, we can learn more about others and ourselves.
There are many ways we can cultivate empathy for others. Here’s one activity to try: Identify someone who bothers you, who you are having a difficult time with. This could be a student, a colleague, or a boss. Discreetly attempt to take a photo with your phone of the person’s shoes. If you can’t do this, then pay attention to their shoes and make a mental note of them, or even create a sketch.
Throughout the course of the day, imagine being in this person’s shoes. Use whatever knowledge you have about them to imagine them putting on their shoes in the morning, getting to school, going through their day, leaving school at the end of the day, going home, and so on. At the end of the day, record your reflections. What was the experience like? How did you feel? How did your thoughts and feelings about the other person shift?

Empathy is about opening your heart. I know that this can feel difficult, but I also know that our hearts can hold a lot. Teachers have many opportunities to do this, and developing empathy as a practice can actually make our work as educators easier.
Empathy,love and compassion are the real pillars we need to build within ourselves to become human ( Maryam)
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