Abortion! Right or Wrong?


If we need to lend a voice it should be to those who are in the dark side of life, who know not what life has for them nor what the world entails, those ones who were formed as a ‘faux pas’ or by deliberate efforts. They are, the Unborn Babies’ scientifically referred to as Embryo

In this present dispensation there’s a lot of controversy and philosophical arguments surrounding the security and right to life of the ‘yet to be born’. Some school of thought are of the opinion that one only has right to life when we he/she is fully conscious of himself and the environment wherein he lives. That is, an Embryo is not a person and should not be referred to a person, hence not be entitled to the right to life which is given only to a person.
However, some group of people referred to as the pro-life or pro-choice strongly fight that unborn babies should be given the same right and privileges to life as a full-fledged adult. They go further to say an embryo is an innocent being, and since it is homicide to kill a fellow human being, then it is definitely wrong and should be deemed illegal to terminate an embryo.

This controversy has led to many philosophical questions been raised, some of which are: Does a woman have total control over her body even when it involves another life? Is there any difference between a Person and a Biological Human? Does religion or morals have a viable stance concerning this issue?

Do well to answer any of these questions as you deem right, and feel free to place any other comments or views concerning this issue.. Is Abortion Right or wrong?




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