Are Pastors Thieves?

Are Pastors Thieves?

On this rather cold Sunday evening I took to my facebook wall to check up some new Sunday gists, I didn’t scroll more than two pages away before I saw a post targeted at some Pastors in Nigeria who for a while have been surrounded by some wild controversies.
This particular post by someone who’s identity should be concealed went straight to making the world know his stand concerning clerics demanding church members to regularly pay Tithe as a commandment given by God himself. He made his stance clear and raw that every Christian who is still beguilded by the witty words of these so called Pastors are under utter deceit and are riding in their folly.
Actually, it is very evident that many of these so called clerics in Nigeria are epitome of Luxury and Extravagant wealth, with some of them having fleets of private jets, mansions all over the world, international-standard universities and lots more. Some Nigerians are of the opinion that, these Pastors diverge offerings and Tithe to their own pockets and leave church members the same way they came or even less.
However, we need to be careful and subtle when considering issues like this. I for one believe that church members who pay Tithe would not keep to doing it if they don’t see some benefits from giving. Even during the recession in Nigeria, the churches kept booming and increasing in wealth and abundance, without their church members getting tired or even reducing in number.
Hence, it is important that we tread cautiously when judging men of God or their actions as the Holy Bible says in a verse I can’t remember (forgive me, it was so cold today, I missed church): ‘Touch not my anointed and do my Prophets no harm’. (Harm could be Libel or Slander too)

Nevertheless feel free to comment your stance concerning this controversy. Thank you.

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  1. I wouldn’t say pastors are thieves because all generalisations are usually wrong. The problem is with the way people of today, think being a pastor is a source of income. Some of the youth graduate from school without any future ambitions than being a pastorpreneur!

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