And here we are, still treading this infinite road of hope.

Though, our mouths have never been
restless, they’re always as busy as bees.

Everyday when the sun wakes up from her deep sleep, our mouths are blessed with this same song, that our fathers sang, that their fathers’ fathers sang.

The song of a better tomorrow. And here we are, still walking in our ancestral shoe of hope, still clamouring at the pinnacle of our voice for ONE NIGERIA.

And here we are. Since antique till now, nothing has changed, not even the colour of our apparent problems.

And here we are. Dreaming of a better Nigeria in our sleeps, our knees to the ground and our hands stretched like beggers’
to the sky praying to God for the Nigeria of our dreams, for the Nigeria where dreams truly come true.

And here we are. In the dreamland, admiring the Nigeria of our dreams.
Where love,peace,joy,bliss and unity enshroud our diversity.

But here we still are. In the Nigeria that gagged our freedom of expression,
in the Nigeria that nepotism hoist its flag high with bravery like a soldier at war front

  • in the Nigeria where dreams die before maturity like abiku
    in the Nigeria, where corruption takes to the slaughter house, economic growth and development whenever she tries to thrive.

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