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May their nose be rubbed in dust,
Those who fasten themselves to greed,
And sodden myriads in sobriety.

May they walk unclad through the market Square,
Those who measure their happiness,
By the number of inoccent buds they prune and send them into limbo.

May they dance restlessly without beat,
those who dissect our national cake,
And leave us with crumbs to fight for among ourselves.

May they labour in vain,
those that crucify the truth,
and resurrect false from its tomb.

Even if they drench the seven sea, the five ocean,
May their thirst never be assuaged,
Those who baptise others with cry,
The pedophiles that break with force the juvenile chaste-wall,
May they rot in the nucleus of hell.

With certitude peace shall abscond from their lives,
those that bring nothing but sadness to the stairs of their benefactor.
Inspired by David Diop’s Certitude.
May His lofty soul continue to rest in peace.
■ The Stoic Wizard.
■ 20|03|2020

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