After the last strike,
The tornado strike made peace deserted from my mind,
It tossed euphoria and bliss on its ferocious tail, like a ballistic cyclone running through the busy market.

I suffered the faith of a fish,
A fish out of water, like trials and failure,
I was puffed with thorns,
With remorse and remorse.

I was blinded but not totally,
I could still see you, even with an eye,
With an eye like a cyclop,
It’s sad how your song now makes me weary,
And your face makes me shiver,
And your smile makes me quiver,
Memories of how my teeth grinned during winter.

Coincidence is a part of destiny,
A destiny we can’t avoid let alone abscond,
I retorted to concensus,
With the jury of myself,
I retorted to solitude, if that’s the true call of solace,
The other eye I squashed,
as ravenous mouths squash oranges,
“If the beginning is sour, the end to the brim will be filled, with everlasting solace”,
My watchword, My belief.

In the shadows of time I will hide,
I will conceal my mind aches and grievances,
In the shades of time, no predicament is bigger than amelioration,
not even mountain of aches and sea of dysphoria that roar and roil like a famished lion,
not even the cries of the third flesh, our greatest nightmare that scribble fear and anxiety into our councious and sub-councious.

If letting you sleep off my thought circus,
If cremating you in my mind,
Will bring everlasting bliss to my fragile mind,
Yes, I am ready! To moult your love and weave another, a new cerebral attire I will knit, fortified with EGO.

■Abdmueed (The Wizard)

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