Yea, how sure are you? I’m sure you are wonder what I have to say about this or what message I have for you. Hmmmm, have you for once ever asked yourself this question? Or probably you have asked series of times. Well, that’s great. 

Oh! as for me, I have to be honest not once, but I do get asked by people how sure am I? And you know what, I sit and rethink about what ever plans or thought I have just for me to give a confident or reliable answer or put in my total best.

But do you ask yourself this directly? You will be amazed at the result you’d accomplish, because this will help you think, ponder wide and make you open to new ideas to bring out the best in you.

 So, just take a pause and ask yourself this; Is it certain that I would win this competition? Am I sure I’d make it? How would I overcome this problem? Would I pass this exam? Is it certain that I’d win this contract? Am I sure I’d get this job?

You see, we worry a lot forgetting that for every problems the solution lies within. You just have to discover it yourself, see reasons to solve them, work on yourself, improve your self esteem, see the triumphant you, see the beautiful picture or story right there.

Say to yourself always, yea, I’m a 100% sure I can achieve this or that. Yea, I’m sure I can work this out. Yea, I’m sure I can get the contract and stop belittling yourself or letting others do that for you.

So the question of How sure are you? Shouldn’t scare you or make you jittery. Worry less and keep moving.

So therefore,I end with this quote by Walt Disney 👇that says:

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