VAL!!!! As e dey hot! The latest jingle in town…


Hello Dearies,

Val is here again!!!!. So what’s the newest catch , I’m sure outfit are prepared already and lots of surprises for your boos and babes…But anyways I wanna ask what’s the whole essence of Val and whats does it mean to you?.     

   Ok, Alright, I know some people do not celebrate Val, they see it has a taboo or a sin. While some sees it as a moment or day of experimenting and sampling…ohhhh don’t be surprised ……

       See oooo let’s be realistic, no one does a thing without a motive  so there’s always something propelling you to do something…So what’s your own motive for celebrating Val??
      Is it to share the most epical love in history ?
(If you wanna know what this love is ask me ,I will tell you…) So, do we then say that’s Val is the only day to show love? What happen to others days?

Peeps, for me I see it as an avenue or time to bring to our remembrance what LOVE is all about…. You see ,love got you and got my back, love brought you this far, love kept me and you bonding together, love forgives all, love is not prideful, love does and conquer all things….So it’s not the kind of love just for benefits nor love for experimental cravings nor love that’s hypocritical nor one that swallows up it’s prey in deception……

Now, tell me how do you see yours and what will you be doing today?

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What do you think?

  1. Really nice words that weren’t eloquently spoken but had an amazing manner of reaching to the reader.Thumbs up to a SAGE like Akaniyene.

  2. Love is something that should be celebrated everyday. However, celebrating love on Val’s day can be a day to create a special or unique memory with loved ones

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