Vestiges of Love

Vestiges of Love

“By the power and authority vested on me, I now declare you both as husb………”

The priest hasn’t finished saying these words when two strayed bullets were shot at the bride, the church hall was filled with noises, and people who have come for the ceremony were running out for their dear lives, several gunshots were shot and bullets were dancing and rolling on the floor. At first, the priest disappeared.

The Bride on the floor soaked in her blood swimming in pain, the beautiful wedding gown she was putting on stained with the thick blood coming out of her body. The groom, lying beside her crying and screaming her name, calling out to God, but God didn’t answer.

He looked up and saw some men coming in through the church entrance, they were all putting on black suits, black shoes, and glasses. Some of them plaited their hair and wear big earrings.

The priest was with them, with a gun pointed straight to his head close to his left ear, he was reciting the ‘Holy Mary’ as he was being dragged to the altering, a light-skinned lady was in the middle she was slim, very slim that a strong wind would even make her fall. She looks like someone who has been divorced before, she was walking elegantly with them, she put on her wedding gown too, she was wearing black trousers underneath which allowed her to walk properly, she held a gun tight to her left hand and her right hand holding the gown.

They walked straight to where the dead bride was laying, some men carried her away, the Groom advances to stop them but he was stopped with a gun raised to his forehead by the lady, she started laughing, that kind wicked laughter, and suddenly she stopped.

“You think you’re smart, you think you can just use me and dump me, after all, I did for you this good for nothing man.”

“you think you can marry her and be happy, go!! Go ahead and marry your dead wife”

The Groom cried bitterly, he wanted to speak but didn’t know exactly what to say.

“You can kill me too Rose, kill me!!” She gave him a hard punch on his nose, and kick him on his “dis-tin” with her knee, he fell and started bleeding.

The priest was forced to join them together, she brought out her ring and place it on her finger, gave the groom his own, the priest declared them husband and wife,
they left the church leaving the priest and the dead body behind.


(To be continued)


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