The mystery of Ghanaian diets

The mystery of Ghanaian diets

Even for food prostitutes like us

We are sometimes perplexed by certain introductions and traditions

We do not know why cassava is a company with several subsidiaries, such as gari,

Feeding the bellies of those who prefer Gobe, soakings, fufu and Akple,

We still do not have answers to why

palm nut soups are usually prepared on Sundays

why Daavi’s Akple and Okro stew generates a different flavour than that of Auntie Ama’s

Why Maame Esi prefers to pound the cassava and plantain separately when pounding fufu

Trust me we have no clue how some knew that:

By adding Kontomire to groundnut soup there will be Nkatenkoto

Cruelly boxing and molesting cassava and plantain will produce fufu

But that is the everyday Ghanaian life

And not even our genuine talent as food prostitutes can help us figure out why

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