Hidden pain

Everyone was used to wife battery,but how do I explain that I was a slave to my own wife,Anytime Theresa came back for work,it was hell ,she would nag about how stupid I was ,to her I was never her standard,and the only thing I was good at ,was being her sex toy,and anytime I complained ,she hit me yes my wife hit me,I had a job,but it was like I was in a boarding school,and my wife was the evil matron,I had to get home before her,or I got slaps as my meal that night,there was no romance,we we’re just like bed mates,yes Theresa’s parents were rich and I was the bait to pay my parents debt,as Theresa’s parents insisted I married her,but my life was hell,Theresa would push me out of bed,when she was done with me,like I was rag,Diana and I suffered the same pain,cause Theresa hit her ,even when there was no need,I could not even defend her , because I was also been hit,tonight Diana and I are in bed and you know what I don’t feel guilty,I don’t feel like I am cheating,it’s the first time in three years,a woman would make love to me ,and not be treated as a slave,I felt wanted ,not like a piece of trash ,with Theresa I could not shed tears,but after making love to Dians,I shared tears that someone could love me that much,that my parents had to suffer so much that,I became the sacrifice for their shame,I never for once loved Theresa I  could try when we got married,but she was only interested in a sex slave and nothing more,when I finally could not take it again,was when she asked me to ,strip in front of her female friends,according to her she had told them ,I was good in bed,so it was time to put it to test,I stood up and was walking out,I forgot Theresa had her way with money,she had gotten armed guards in our home,they pinned me down,stripped me,and my wife and her four friends raped me,althrough the night and left me there  in the morning,I didn’t know where I was when I woke up to white overalls and different walls,which looked so beautiful and I saw Diana’s beautiful face,she said she met me unconcious,the doctor,said I was badly beaten up,I didn’t know when I started crying,my own wife had gone beyond battery and raped me together with her friends,who do I say this to,the doctor said she was on her way,but Diana already knew something was wrong ,so she arranged for us to run away,today marks my first date with the psychologist,this has been my pain,Diana is carrying my child,but I need to heal from this,my parents couldn’t forgive themselves when I told them what ,Theresa did,of course her parents shieded her,but on this journey I have to heal from my hidden pain

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