The things which happen now have been foretold. Let us not be dismayed. We were told that there is a Great Day. A Great Day when the wickedness of man shall be overthrown and destroyed. A Great day which would be ushered in by series of disasters, series of wars and series of plagues. The manifestation of these things is lucid. Yet, man sticks to his evil works and deeds, devoted to ruthless massacre of innocent blood. Do you not see it? It is lucid; lucid as the sky on a sunny day.

Did you not know? Did you not hear? You may forget, but the Chinese man never forgets. He never forgets the Circa pandemic, 5000 years ago. The pandemic which showed no mercy to neither young nor old, sane nor insane. So disastrous that the unfortunate Chinese village remains uninhabited till date.

Even the great USA was not left out. She got her own share in August, 2005 when Hurricane Katrina came visiting, taking along thousands of souls. What about the Haitian earthquake in 2010? 230 000 people died, 300 000 were injured and a million people rendered homeless. Did you not hear of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004? What about the Flu pandemic in 1889, which killed a million people in few months and reached peak mortality in just five weeks? Have you not heard? Have you not heard of the Zika virus 2015, raging till present day? The Ebola virus also came by in 2014.

Certainly, you’re not oblivious to the current pandemic, COVID-19, that has claimed over 200 000 lives in the entire globe in such a short time. Scientists do not even have a cure. Yet, they say there is no liaison between these things and the Divine. Yea or nay, hear now and remember, so many more had happened, and many more are lurking, so said the Apocalypse. The sun has not become as sackcloth of the hair, neither has the moon become as blood. The Great Day approaches, approaches as fast as the setting of the sun.

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