Show me a man who fear never confronts and I will show you a man who is not medically whole. Show me a man who never confronts his fears, and I will show you a man who may never go far in life’s journey. Man encounters series of fears; fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of falling in love, fear of starting something new, few of heights, fear of poverty, fear of death, fear of COVID-19, and even fear of things as little as ants. The list is endless.

In Nigeria and in the entire globe, the breakout of the pandemic – COVID-19, has caused a surge in adrenaline levels in most people. The fear of testing positive to the virus holds majority back from doing the necessary – going for a test when they show signs and symptoms of the disease. So instead of getting tested and quarantined, they die in silence because they have refused to face their fears.

As earlier said, a man who never gets scared or afraid has a dysfunction medically. Man is fashioned to be alarmed when he sights potential danger. Your body produces a higher quantity of adrenaline when you’re confronted with challenges that frighten you. However, this is not a licence to remain in your comfort zone. You will get scared, but do it afraid! Courage is not the absence of fear; it is making a move despite your fears.

I remember the story of a young graduate who was called to teach in a gathering of notable people such as top government officials and the likes, for the first time. He had taken time out to research, study and prepare for the lectures. Few minutes to the time for his session, he became afraid of failing, and was contemplating taking his leave. All he needed to do was to call the convener and give him an excuse for missing the lecture. However, he found motivation. He told himself, “I will not come this for to turn back all because of fear. I’d rather mess up than give in to fear.” He went up the podium to speak.

Interestingly, his teaching captured the heart of many people. In fact, those well-to-do personalities he felt intimidated and scared of wanted to meet him. That was how his journey to becoming a life coach began. Today, he has a name and without doubt he’d be forever glad he had the courage to take that step. Imagine that he didn’t confront his fears. He’d have missed that life-changing opportunity.

Behind every fear is an opportunity for greater feats and achievements. Courage is like a muscle you exercise. The more often you face your fears, the better for you because you become a master to fear. Fear is a state of mind that robs you of fulfilment and satisfaction. When you give in, it leaves you with nothing but regret and less confidence. The next time you’re faced with any kind of fear, remember; that particular thing you’re scared of is actually scared of you. Aim for it!

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  1. Facing your fears makes you realize that your fears have it’s own fears

    Face it
    You are strong
    That’s courage

    1. Wow. Courage is not the absence of fear. It’s making a move despite the fear.

      Keep it up, Ella

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