Like life happens to everyone, it has, to you
You’ve had days you soaked your pillow with tears,
and cried till your throat hurt.
You once wished the earth will open up its mouth,
even if for just once, and swallow you up.
You’ve had dark nights, and been through tunnels you never thought there’d be light after.
Or perhaps, still trying to find your way through.


You close your eyes, it’s bliss; pure bliss.
You can see tomorrow; tranquil, golden and so bright.
You see a woman, the woman of your dreams; YOU.
“Will I ever be this woman?” You think.
She is the total opposite of you.


You reach out to her. She seems so far away.
The more you want to reach her, the farther away she seems.
You’re struggling against this force.
It’s forceful and huge, seemingly insurmountable.
You bind and cast principalities and powers, not leaving out your village people;
from the oldest to the newest born.
You stop, and with your eyes intently fixed on the reflection before you…
“What if this force is me?”

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  1. Nice. It reminds of a line in a song “the woman in me don’t fade away”.

    I feel there’s a continuity to the write up. I hope to see a follow up to this piece.

    Well done Ella!

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