There are some friends in my life I could willingly trade for a plate of ice cream and cakes. Yeah, that’s how much I love ice cream. How beautiful would it be if life were a big, inexhaustible plate of ice cream! There’d be no such thing as depression or suicide, neither would there be sufferings and tears.

Life is, in the stead of a bowl of ice cream, like a piece of land; each man to his own piece. To make something beautiful out of it, much planning, hard work, consistency, sacrifice, tenacity, resilience and courage is needed. Ill habits, bad company and degrading mindsets have to be weeded, and new ones planted, tended and shielded from predators and pests. Thieves and spoilers would invade, but do we abscond in fear? Remember, a man who doesn’t confront his fears may never live a good life.

The rain will come, the fire too. But the beauty of it is that if we persevere and hang on, at the end, we wouldn’t drown or burn out. We’d come out clean and pure as refined gold. Life may not be ice cream, but that doesn’t stop us from taking ice cream as much as we can. Amidst all life’s vicissitudes, we’d find reasons to stay happy, we’d find reasons to love others and be like a tree which gives its fruits freely and provides shade in the scorching sun, so that if tomorrow never comes, we’d end up with smiles on our faces and our names written in the sand of time.

Life is a mix of bitter and sweet, love and hate, beauty and sore sights, tears and laughter, ups and downs. Even if life were a bowl of ice cream, it’d melt in split seconds under the unbearable heat of the sun. Regardless of life’s challenges, may we find many more reasons to be happy.

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  1. Amen! Thanks for writing this. As always, there is pure gold in this piece. Well-done. I love how you’re touching on life and its peculiarities. Hope this gives someone hope and light out there.

  2. Words of Wisdom. The Bible recorded the words of our Lord Jesus Christ as saying “in the world we shall have tribulations, but we should be of good cheer, for He has overcome the world”. John 16:33

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