Nights and Flowers


Growing up, we’ve often heard instructions like “don’t stay out late” and a few other ones that warn us of criminals who take cover in the nighttime. However, have you ever really noticed the beauty of the night? Oh my!


I love everything about the night. If I could, I’d work at night and sleep during the day. Yes! Sounds crazy? Well, I don’t think so. I think it’s cool! What’s not to love about the night? 


The serenity and tranquility of the nighttime, soothingly beautified by the peaceful cricket sounds, like ad-libitum faultlessly sprinkled all over good music. 


The glamorous sight of filament bulbs shining, dauntlessly contrasting and dispelling the darkness all around, the stars twinkling like the heart of a teenager in love, and the lonely moon, singing back nursery rhymes to kids on the streets. 


What a sight to behold!


Much more is the rich pheromone that calms the nerves, magically opening the mind to ideas the day never knew existed, for it was busy; too busy with the cares and hustles of life.



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  1. I am currently perfecting my thesis on gate.oi, and I found your article, thank you very much, your article gave me a lot of different ideas. But I have some questions, can you help me answer them?

  2. Very beautiful piece here Emmanuella.

    I’ve always cherished the night too.😍❤️

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