COVID-19: Unforseen Grief

COVID-19: Unforseen Grief

   2020, a year everyone had looked forward to; how prosperous and amazing the year was to be! Everyone was undoubtedly looking forward to the beautiful new year, but little did anyone know that the year was full of catastrophic surprises.
    Late February is a day most people will live to remember; as the unexpected challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic made life a living hell for all.
Humans are  sociable beings, we are used to being around others, playing, laughing and interacting together. The issuing of lockdown in most places all over the world to curb further spread of the virus wasn’t so easy to adhere to. How can a bird born for joy sit in a cage and sing? The world we were used to was one where we derived pleasure from visiting interesting places like the malls to hang out with friends.The world we were used to was no more! Going to the mall was impossible, attending parties was a no, no for all.
Freedom of movement we were entitled to but the virus chose to be an embodiment of physical and mental enslavement. It became a criminal offence to be seen attending parties; some were arrested and asked to pay fines.  What about our place of worship? A place where we have a lovely families of lovers of God. The gathering wasn’t encouraged anymore simply because of the demon (Covid-19). Some people viewed this as a way of the devil to stop the worship of God. Force was impacted in some churches to get them to comply with the rules.

    What about those looking forward to starting a beautiful family life? For the sake of “social distancing” weddings weren’t permitted. As for those who felt not getting married at the scheduled time was going to make them look too old, rather than waiting, they accepting the condition of not having tens of hundreds of guests as they’ve planned.

   The lockdown did weighed down everyone, either economically or socially. Tens of millions of people were at risk of falling into extreme poverty, also, the number of undernourished people doubled. Relief materials intended got to some people, however, many weren’t so lucky. As for the lucky ones! How long did the provisions last them? Those whom weren’t so lucky were suffering from a worse disease “The Hunger Virus”. No one could go out to hustle, the sorrow and clamouring for hunger became louder than that of the Virus.

    Some wept, fasted and asked God for mercy. Some questioned the presence of the virus at all, they saw this as government doings. Some termed it that the world was coming to an end. The truth still remains, Coronavirus or not, depression was the major problem most people went through. Many suddenly lacked interest in things they cared most about.

Sporting activities were not encouraged; students were forced to vacate the school premises; workers were made to work from home; communication was done technologically.

   Personal hygiene was recommended as a preventive measure but not all adhered to this, those with the notion “there is no coronavirus” always had their nose mask hung on their chin since it became mandatory.

    Truly, it has been a long race for all, the marathon seemed never to end as the situation had to get worse before it could get better. Our medical personnel kept working their butts off for us, making sacrifices and taking risks. Many they were able to save, many they lost. We were constantly in pain, our eyes were being swollen from the mourn of lost ones and fright of body contact. We tried as much as possible to keep our distances, yet, many caught it. We were weighed down with lockdown, but, we chose never to back down, we chose to survive instead. All we still need is God and to be safety precautious.

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