How I met the love of my life

How I met the love of my life

How I met the love of my life❤🌷
I met her at the grocery, the one near the temple’s gate. She was at a distance with a black purse in her left hand. I noticed her shining black hair from afar, I moved closer struggling through multitudes of bodies. As I got nearer to her I noticed her shape. Damn she was as curvy just as the figure eight. I hadn’t even seen her face yet when she started moving farther away from me, I guess she was done buying. I increased my pace and got nearer again and just then, her hand hit someone and her purse slipped to the ground; it fell closer to me.
I instinctively bent to pick it up and as I stood up to give it to her, I looked directly into her eyes and I saw her pupils twinkle. She was very beautiful; even the devil won’t deny. She took her purse form me, smiled and said “thank you” but I stood right there dumbfounded not knowing with which word to reply. She turned and took some steps; she was leaving.
Just then I went numb and it was like the world and everything in it stopped moving; all I could see was her walking farther away from me. Then I thought of the risk it would be to lose the love of my life in a jiffy. I thought of the future and how our kids would make the world so beautiful. No, she was too beautiful to just slip away from me like that. So I took a step, I paused, took another one and paused again until my steps Increased in numbers and soon I was racing through legions of people.
I ran so fast; I must have been faster than a subway train. Where the speed came from I wouldn’t know but soon I got so near to her again. And just before I could stretch my hands to tap her on her shoulders, her purse slipped from her hand yet again and this time, legions of legs kicked and trampled upon it.
The rest is history. We didn’t find the purse but we found each other.

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