It was the last day in secondary school; It was valedictory day. I was dressed in my slightly oversized suit, looking like some numb clown but that didn’t matter; it was a day of celebration for us all. She was dressed in a black gown and looked differently beautiful. Different from the other girls, also different from her regular self.
We didn’t speak so much on that day, I used to be the very shy type. But my eyes were on her from where I sat. She was with her friends and I was with mine but my mind was with her. “Good Lord of mercy, if loving her will count as sin against me, forgive my sins for I’ve fallen deeply for her”; these was my prayer as I peeped to steal a gaze at her every minute.
We all danced like there was no tomorrow; it was a sweet moment to live in. Come on, no, she didn’t dance with me or let me say I didn’t ask her for a dance. Damn it, I was such a coward!!!
Fast forward to the end of the whole valedictory program, I couldn’t feel my legs after dancing like a mad man on the streets of gold. But as shy and tired I was, I went to meet her. It was in front of the school’s chapel; James and John s us. I held her hands and told her how beautiful she looked; she smiled and told me to stop flattering her. She knew I loved or liked her or whatever that was. She knew of how I felt about her. So, I asked her, I said “how’s life going to be after now? Will I ever have you?” I asked that with all sincerity in my heart and eyes. I think she looked into my eyes; not so sure tho but she replied saying “if we end up in the same university, we could be together”. That sounded more like a promise to me, maybe they were just mere words to her.
That was me five years ago. And yes we made it to the same university; I still see her around once in a while but we strayed so well to become strangers again. She’s in law and I still hope that someday I would call her brother “in-law”.

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