She’s mine

She's mine

6:30pm on a Monday, I was busy stalking a girl I like. I was busy keeping up with every status update she made. I kept drooling in secret, damn she’s a goddess. I don’t think she knows, no, I don’t think she knows how much she means to me. We’re just the regular “hello hi” chatters.
I was not ready to tell her outrigthly but I had been showing it in the weirdest of ways. Like frequent regular calls, link ups and all. Trust me, I wanted more but she wasn’t making it any easier for me. She was busy making money while I was busy fantasizing about her. She was a make up artist.
6:45pm that same Monday, I made a very foolish but simple prayer with all sincerity. I said “God, if she’s meant for me, let her send me a text before 10pm”. It didn’t sound so serious but I meant it within.
The struggle was real. Time raced by andby 8:30pm she hadn’t sent any text. I whispered “God, I know you love, don’t you?” It was more like a silly chat with God.
Tick, tock, tick 9:45 pm came; lo and behold she was yet to send me a text. I was about fainting. 9:55pm, I really began to doubt if God heard me the first time so I changed the time and said “Okay God, let’s reschedule, if I should go for her, she must text me latest by 11pm”.
10:30 pm clocked and she just finished a status update with the caption “thanks for your love”. I became weak as I stared at her beautiful picture. Only if she could just send me a damn message!!!
10:58, 10:59 and I began to count down to when I finally give up since God wasn’t on my side.
As I was counting down the seconds 35, 36, 37, 38, I got a text and guess what, it was from her. I immediately jumped up screaming “yes” as I punched the air. I calmed down to open her message at 11pm on dot and it read; ” For your makeup and event planning, kindly call this number…”, it was a broadcast message about her hustle. But who cares? A message is a message abeg. God heard me, she’s mine already.

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