Catastrophic beauty



This book talks about a girl named zuri who had  lost all members of her family,who always got  into trouble,and was never treated equally.But eventually her life takes a turn for the better.

Chapter 1 

The beginning 

     Zuri was born in a  little village at the western side of africa a place known as Timbutu .It was known to have been captured by the british of which the native  people were taking as slaves .

     She as well as her parents and siblings were taking as slaves,this caused a big hedge in her education and as a result, she was unable to speak english as well as her siblings ,Elone and Nala.

  Her siblings were not delighted with zuri because anytime they would go to fetch wood they would make her carry the wood and sometimes purposely caught the dirty old slippers on which she would wear to protect her legs from thorns all over . 

    There was a day known to zuri as the Unpleasntry, as she woke up to the screaming and burning down of the city.

Her parents had always advised them that anytime a war should take place they should find each other and run towards the back of the walls of the city of which there was a little Hole they could use to escape.

   Although she lacked education, Zuri knew it wouldnt have been right to run out into the wild all on her own so she decided to stuff a little hand bag with some water as well as fooditems ,but she couldnt find her siblings so she decided to call other children who were older as well as age mates to follow her and run away from the city.

Chapter 2

Dark times 

   As the last of the people were leaving from the crack in the walls they had found out that there was no grown ups but rather mostly pre teens and tennagers which meant they had  to fend for themselves . Although she wasnt educated she remembered that there was a city not so far from the village which was turning to ashes almost half way through .

  They had to survive on the little zuri had packed .when the sun had gone to bed they also thought it was best to stop  for the  night so they decided to lay down on the soft grass and  thorns till the sun came up .

    While the others slept she thought about her parents and siblings,she didnt know if they were okay or dead or probably no where to be seen she was worried about them so she couldnt get enough sleep .

 Zuri and the other kids woke up tk the sounds of gunshots headed their way , none of them thought twice before they started to run . Even though they ran , they made sure that the little ones were safely at their fronts but they saw it made them vulnerable as they could hear the armed men getting closer ,so they decided to carry some of them on their Shoulders and had to run as fast as they could but unfortunately one of them was shot on the leg and decided to give her younger siblings to other people to take care of. 

  After running for a while , they decided to stop and catch their breath as they couldnt hear the sounds of guns and bombs any longer .

       Fortunately they were able to stop by a s tream where they drank water from as well as filled the water cans that had been exhausted and bathed,thereafter they all decided to spend the night there.

Chapter 3 

A new beginning

          When they awakened, they decided it would be good drink a little water before they leavw.

But on the way they had  an argument on who should be the leader of their group. But the majority voted  zuri to be the leader which made a few of them jealous and these ones started plotting on how to kill her but the leader of their little jealous group had decided not to kill her then but rather to wait for them to get to the city.

   On heading down a hill they  noticed  a little hut up ahead at which they approached and  found a family living in it who were also planning  on leaving to the city . So they decided to follow the childeren on their way to the city but before then they gave them little bags containing water and food .

Chapter 4 

The big city 

After 4 hours of walking, they finally got to the city which looked very  amazing to them but they didnt just settle down they started looking for jobs of all sorts and had decided to do mostly any job they were given .

  Since they worked at places where they were paid daily they were able to save up and  get a house with three room . Although they were 30 when they left it was just 18 people remaining so they could all manage it.

    It had been a year since they moved to the city and it felt like they made less profit but made more spendings and some of them even decided to go work as prostitutes  but they were removed from the group which left just 16 people.

Chapter 5 

the turn around

   They devised a plan to open their own company which offered home cleaning services  .when they started they were just 12 in number but as their popularity in the city grew , their business started to grow and very soon they had 2 shops of their own.

     After a year of opening their shops, they decided to expand to other cities .Before long,  even the people who didnt like Zuri had become her followers. She started to employ so many people.

     The business was so big that she had business partners from all over the world .

. And on a certain day,she met 2 clients who she thought had been gone -her parents .

Although they didnt recognize each other at first when she was signing the contract her full name was there -Zuri lemuel Smit ” . After which the client  burst into tears which made Zuri confused but after she heard the whole story she knew they were her parents and they were all united again. 

As for her sisters,they were some of her employees but she wasnt aware until they finally came clean.

And they lived happily ever after.


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  1. An interesting read, I enjoyed it. I love how you used different figures of speech especially when you said “the sun went to bed”.

  2. I’m blown away! Your storytelling kept me enthralled till the last sentence.


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