A Broken safe heart

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Love is an abstract but yet attract. The fact it attracts is what draws me to her.

I set my gaze on her and ponder on God’s creativity; of how he endowed her with unique qualities.she’s beauty personified.

Her angelic smiles, the beautiful face and the melanin are what caught my attention and made me say hello. I don’t intend to obstruct her view ‘cos she’s carried away admiring nature while lost in her thought, but she’s too beautiful to walk by and I cannot resist.

She noticed my presence as I approached her with mind filled with doubt but love gave a higher calling.

“I’m lost in my search for a place to call home. I’d wonder if I will ever find a place of rest ; an arm to lay my weary soul, a place I can find solace. I want your heart to be my humble abode, and you my safe Haven”. I said.

I’ve roamed to and fro the earth searching for a place to call home but I guess I was slow ‘cos she’s been on this island called “love”waiting for me.
While I tarry monsters reincarnated as human and invade the land. Leaving the land desolate and deserted.ever since she’s been in this island lonely and broken.

I made my intentions known but all my words fell on a rocky ground. She’s familiar with the lines. My attempts to prove to her I’m not like other travelers passing through this land were abortive.

She enjoyed the rhythmic beat of my love song. But to dance along ;that she cannot do.

I was ready to give up my essence just to be with her. If only she could see I’m also a broken soul seeking refuge and not another “He” coming to invade her world.

The fear of been broken again and left wondering if love is actually worth the risk made her guide her heart jealously. I love her but her past encounter wouldn’t allow her feel the same.

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What do you think?

  1. Five Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐…
    But I really hope and pray he gets to make her dance to his love song… 💕

  2. Wow. Healing is something on another level, and many people never move on because they haven’t healed from their past. Which is really a problem because so many opportunities are missed… ❤️

  3. Wow!
    Living in the past makes living in the present difficult.
    We shut the door of opportunity full of happiness, joy…because of the experience of disappointment and “breakfast”. Love is a two sharp-edged sword, both are very sharp but one side will hurt while the other won’t hurt. It all depends on which side you are holding onto…

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