The Mentor I Rejected

The Mentor I Rejected


Such a kind an benevolent he is,
He gives me counsel that my itching ears linger to hear,
“Why don’t you do it tomorrow” he always says.
His view signifies a comfortable life,
He teaches me how to make priorities distractions,
Distractions priorities.
He always gave me liberty only in the confines of his “Comfort Zone”
I started adapting to his habit of cross legging,
Then I started to become self aware that I was catching feelings for stagnacy.
I liked self aware’s presence so I asked him to stay for a while.
I became open minded
Then did my visitor highlight the footprint of my mentor
He told me his name
Little wonder there was always a tomorrow’s action that never took place
My visitor became my guest
Self aware then became one of my mentors
He thought me that the forceful never come in peace
With the good, there is always room for open mindedness to the vast nations of my mind
There and then,
I did away with procrastination
The Mentor I Rejected


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