God Kissed Me


God kissed me

And I froze.

In my filth and rage he held my hand. 

With a garment soaked in blood he cleaned me.

And gave me a new name. 

A name that connotes his mercy,

His Grace 

And His Splendor.


God kissed me,

Gently and kindly

A soft peck on the forehead while I wailed like a child.

He clothed me with his love and gave me his promise.

A promise that connotes his nature

A promise that would stay.


God touched me

In ways I’ve never been touched 

He held out a bruised hand and felt my heart

Tears filled my eyes and I felt life within me.

He gave me another chance amidst the other seventy seven.

He breathed life into me and restored my broken places.


God danced with me

In the middle of the day

Upon my worries and fears

He held my hands and whispered “do not fear, for I am with thee”

He filled me with a spirit of courage and gave me his yoke.

God moved rhythmically and I followed

Throwing caution to the wind and swinging to sounds no one else could hear.

God gave me a song 

A song of love and light

A light that shines in all the dark places

Offering my soul to him.


God loves me

With no condition or strings

Recklessly and Beautifully!

He gave me his son 

A son who bled for me 

So that I may be free.

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