Dear human,

You might want to put ’Wait’ by M83 on repeat while you read. Read slowly. Dwell wherever you feel you need to.

”How are you?” is such a cliché, don’t you think? Even more cliché is the answer ”Fine.” Nobody ever means it, yet, it’s the go-to more often than not.

I guess what I’m trying to say, love, is that I want to know how you genuinely are. Beyond the façade, what’s it like? What is it like to be you? I know it’s a task because I’ve tried to be like you. To live your life. I do a terrible job, if you ask me. Then again, I never like my own attempts at anything.

When will I move on from the pleasantries at the start of the letter? I’m sure you’d love to know. Well, the thing is, I’m don’t want to move on. The whole reason I’m writing to you is embedded in those three words we use so extravagantly everyday.

How are you?

Are you at the edge yet? Because I am. Are you tilting over yet? Please don’t. I’ll stay up if you will.

It’ll get better. It can’t be like this everyday. Can it? I hope not. 

I need you to stay.

You are someone I admire, love. I want to play you. I’ll tell you I’m not fine so that you rush to my aid because I know you’ll push harder for someone other than yourself. Anyone. That’s what you always do. I admire that. I admire you.

You’re someone I admire. Your smile lights up brighter than the stars in the sky as soon as you notice the darkness over everyone else. You’re a light for everyone else. I admire that. I admire you.

You’re someone I admire. Your voice is great at hide and seek. It’s gone when mine wants the spotlight. Then, I find yours, and it takes its place as the one in the open. I admire that. I admire you.

You’re someone I admire. You join me in believing that there’s light somewhere on this road. Anywhere. I admire that. I admire you. So let’s keep searching. Together. 

There’s so much more about you that I can’t put into words because you are so beautiful, it overwhelms me. I admire that. I admire you. 

Now that you know that I admire you, I need you to keep being you a little bit more. It’s selfish to ask you to do this for me, but like I said, you’re more likely to do it for me than yourself. I really admire that. I really admire you.

If you know you’re anything like this, then this is for you. I hope this letter finds you well.



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