My breathing is ragged.

”You’re only making things worse for yourself. If you simply come with us, there’d be a lot less pain.”

But there will be pain, right? I mentally ask myself. Of course, they could be referring to the one I feel right now. Who knew it was hard to run in these ’stilettos’ as they’re called? I simply chose them because they looked very nice. I didn’t expect that I’d get blisters. I didn’t even know their form felt so much pain. Why would a species that’s constantly on the run wear things that are so restricting? Ugh! 

I have no powers in this form. Not without the Transitioner. Sadly, I lost it when I got discovered.  I had only transitioned my form then, and not my powers. Curse them for being so wary. I was sure I would at least have enough time to get away from the scene of the crash before they got there. Somehow, I’m convinced they knew I was coming. I’ll figure out the details later. For now, escape is my priority. They’re quickly gaining on me, but then again, they’re probably not in stilettos.

I hear fallen branches break beneath my feet. The sound of rustling in the trees trumps the sound of the air quickly escaping my lungs and body. Above me is the giant ink coloured blanket with twinkling specks. Their planet really has a nice view of the Galaxy. I’m sure if I simply had a moment with my mind, I’d be able to pick out which of the specks above is my planet. 

A moment with my mind. Of course! A peculiar thing about our kind is how our powers lie in our minds. When we take on any form, we need the Transitioner to bring our powers to the most sensitive parts of that form which is usually the limbs. Without the Transitioner, our powers stay in our mind. Peace is getting in touch with your mind. If I can get in touch with my mind, I can tap my powers and maybe portal myself away from them.

My sprint slows into a walk. I’m being intentional about every step rather than succumbing to survival reflexes. I can hear them getting closer, but I shut them out. I close my eyes, searching inwardly for my source. At first, it’s darkness, but I soon see light. It’s barely visible, but it’s there. I start to follow, unsure of how I’m following. There’s no actual form of myself. There’s only the light I see and can somehow pursue. In no time, I find it. A giant ball of what looks like currents. 

”Yes!” I hear my physical self jubilate.

I’m no longer observing the light. Rather, it seems I’m in it, consumed by it. I will that the power is released from the nearest outlet, and I can feel my physical form taking position to make it happen.
I stop walking and stand with my back to my pursuers. My back bows, my hands are on my lower thighs.

”What? What is she doing?” I hear one of them say.

I will my power out, and it obeys. I feel energy leave the Inner and find it’s way out of my physical form. My body is shot forward with great speed in reaction to the great energy that I release.

”What the…” I’m unable to hear the rest as I’m now far away from them.

My body hits the ground with a thump. I hate how fast and how much this species processes pain. I groan as I push myself off the ground. I feel a draft on the lower part of my body. I look down and realise the covering I had on my legs are gone.

”Shit!” I exclaim.

The band above my waist has long sizzling pieces of clothes dangling from either side of it down my legs, so I conclude the trousers must have burned off from where the human butt hole is. I facepalm as I realise that the hole I shot my powers out of is the butthole, and it burned through my trousers. I sigh because solving one problem has only left me with another.

I found my core, and I’m grateful for that. However, I’m sincerely worried about the fact that I’m going to face this in every emergency. This might even make accessing my powers a bit hard because there’s no peace of mind with this knowledge.

Once again, shit.

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