I mean, it’s a virus. Do you know how fast those things replicate? This one is now highly contagious. You could actually get COVID by just sitting next to someone who has it. If we’re being honest, people were doomed as soon as the first case was reported. Right from the start, you had no power. What were you to do? Wear masks? Pffft. Who can breathe properly in those things? You’d suffocate before COVID kills you. Plus, good masks back when COVID first showed up can be likened to onions right now in Nigeria. They cost gold. They now came and said we should stay inside. Them and who? They just didn’t want us to see the atrocities they were committing while installing the dangerous 5G.

Let’s take a deeper look at it, though. So much was never right about this thing, not just 5G. Those oyinbo are always trying so hard to colonise everyone and everything. This was definitely one of their tactics. What if they were just trying to make everyone scared and feel like we need an intervention? And all this talk of a vaccine. What if they’re just trying to control everyone. Just disregard the fact that countries like the USA have social security numbers that give them all of a person’s information as soon as they’re born. Who cares if the American government practically already has so much control over their citizens? They not only know all their personal information, they can even monitor how much people spend and what they spend on using just a bunch of digits. But that’s not enough control. Not global, at least. In fact, monitoring and making you mindless puppets are two different things.

Think about it. What if this was all a ruse for world domination? Especially since it started from China. Statistics show that more than 90% of Chinese people are irreligious, showing no interest whatsoever in any kind of belief system. Do you know what people are capable of without the fear of God? Or any god for that matter. I once read on Twitter, that without religion, no one has any motivation to be a good person. I say no one even knows what it is to be a good person. If you don’t believe in God, who is telling you what is good and what isn’t? That said, I’m sure it’s not surprising that the Chinese in power are capable of creating a virus and killing so many people just to make it seem like our entire species is in danger. The plan was definitely always to pop up with this vaccine and use it control everyone. So, COVID came for more than 19 anyway. It came for the whole world. 

Thankfully, Nigeria is covered by God. Nigerians, we fear God. A lot. Except those our wicked politicians sha. Those ones have broken so many commandments, I just know they connived with the devil to get a presidential villa – hell edition. Think na! Since the first COVID case was recorded in Nigeria, how many people do we actually know have died? I mean, NCDC keeps reporting deaths, but the numbers are even fluctuating, increasing by one today, decreasing by five tomorrow. Nobody’s really dying, jare.

We need to jazz up! COVID might have come for the whole world, but as God has shown that we’re his people, COVID is not Nigeria’s portion. 

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