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Isn’t it weird how we look for magic when it’s right with us? It’s science and technology. It’s art. It’s history. It’s entertainment. The things you think you need magic for can be gotten if you just look around you the right way. Wanna go back in time? Watch a documentary, read a book. Look at pictures. Wanna teleport? Open Instagram or Twitter or just do a google search on the place. Read a book about the place. Watch a movie that’s set there.

These experiences might not be as immersive as we tell ourselves magical ones can be, but the thing is, creativity causes so much advancement in science, and tech, and arts. We keep getting better and better at those things in a way that makes a human’s experience with them as stimulating [to every sense] as we possibly can.

Internet speed gets faster and faster so that you can be right where you want to be [online] in no time. Camera quality keeps getting so much better and in a way that we can replicate the beauty we get/got to behold in a single digital file. You can find written work everywhere thanks to all the wonderful ways that writers can use to get their pieces out there. From simple social media updates to e-publishing platforms like Tell! Books.

With all these different ways to keep and make memories, obviously, history is not only easier to keep, but more accurate. For one, we all know what really happened on 20-10-20, and posterity won’t be shown only what the powers can use to forever manipulate them. And history gives way to entertainment in the way we got the Burna boy song about that day.

Tell me, isn’t all that magic? To do the things we think we can’t do? I believe the reason we don’t see it is impatience. Because we might not be able to do it right now, but it doesn’t mean we’ll never be able to. We mostly just don’t want to wait.

Of course, there’s also, as I said earlier, the wholeness of fictional magic. It’s as immersive as the magician wants it to be. The combination of immediateness and wholeness is what makes fictional magic so perfect. So blinding, keeping us from seeing that we do possess magic. From the dressmaker who made that vintage dress you just got (serving as recording of the history of fashion) to people in software and basically anything that contributes to the wonder (and power) of the internet.

And if you sit there waiting for magic that is created in the crevice of the human mind—adjacent the section where our instability lies, you will rid yourself of the chance to experience the magic that already is; the magic you might possess.

You. You have magic. Try some abracadabra-ing today!

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