I’m home. Right here, right now. With you. 

I can’t help the smile that crosses my face as you reflect everything that I have to say. My anxiety, near nonexistent with every move of my fingers. You make me happy. You’re my home. 

Finding you everyday, however, that’s always a journey. Deciding to take the first step to you requires all the conviction in the world, but everyday I make the decision, I get to you a lot sooner than I expected. Of course, there are obstacles on the path on some days. On days like this, I’m tired too. The fact that I have to keep building brings me down. Luckily, I never have to start from scratch. You’re a magnificent tower and with every day that I come home to you, I bring a few more blocks to take you higher. I know I can never build you all the way up. Nobody has ever succeeded at that. It’s enough that I get to love you, however. The fact that I get to see how high I can take you and the fact that you’ll always shelter me no matter how far I’ve gone – or haven’t gone – means the world to me. On some days, I start the journey when it’s dark, relying on the familiarity of the road. 

There are days I don’t make it back to you. On these days, I don’t have enough resolve to come home. The road is long and I’m a lazy traveller. The thing is, with every day I spend away from you, the further from you I get. The road is alive and is ready to take me as far away from you as it can. 

The road to you requires that I keep moving. That I love you enough to take the first step. The first letter, then the first word. A few more and I’m well on my way. Words become phrases, phrases to sentences. Sentence upon sentence, paragraph upon paragraph. It’s never fully complete, but homecoming is my daily journey. 

I’m grateful you let me love you. Loving you can be hard sometimes, but I’ll do it every chance that I get.

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