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When do you think the end of the world is? Soon, with this pandemic? Maybe a year from now, after we beat this? Heh. What do you think it is? Could this really be it? The asteroids that somehow keep evading us? Water? Fire? Will we end it all in a war with nuclear weapons? Any of the elements could be the end, or all of them together?


That’s a bit too much. 

Do you think you’ll see the end? Or will you have created hope?

I can’t ask a person these on a date. Or can I? He might have enough depth to him to understand. Then again, human nature is primal enough that he’ll give me what I want, no persuasion needed. 


I’m really glad he agreed to have dinner here, at my place. It makes my mission easier.

I’m nowhere near an excellent cook, but I like to eat so much, I’ve picked up quite the skill in making food. The smile on his face when he looks at me after the first bite helps me assert that.

I smile back.

I take him in with my eyes. He’s a good enough specimen. His nose tells a lot about how much attention he received as a baby. I noticed his legs as he walked in earlier. Someone definitely took their time to mould him after nature or god or whatever is in charge of these things was done with him. Not many people know it, but you have a reasonable level of influence in how many good features a child grows up to have. You just need to take as much as you can into your own hands.

Asides that, however, his natural features aren’t bad either, and that’s the jackpot. He has brick brown eyes that look like they ache to tell the truth. His dentition isn’t perfect enough to indicate that he ever used braces, but the way they fit when his lips curl up during a smile can make stars jealous that they don’t twinkle as bright. His jaw runs down from either side of his face and meet on a near straight line. His eyebrows are bushy and the hair there is a different texture from the woolly one on his head. Haircare products? Regardless, the black mane and occasional glistening of the oil he put in it looks like the night sky and the stars to beautify it.

He is beautiful. I’m glad I can make this about primal instincts as well as getting what I want from him.

I notice he’s checking me out too. From my brown ombre hair to the cleavage I made sure to leave out. I like to call my skin colour brown. Anyone who isn’t blind to the beauty that is the skin of a black person can easily tell that I’m the cream of the crop. Charles Darwin would be proud of what I’m about to do for humanity.

I chuckle as I leave my seat. His eyes follow mine up. It’s not long before they travel down my body and land on my thighs that look like porcelain. I giggle when I realise this has happened and make my way slowly to the other side of the table where he is. My upper teeth catch my lower lip but anyone can see the smile in my eyes.

”You are so beautiful.” His voice is raspy.

The scrape implies lust. The most important thing for now. 

I smile. Something in me is genuinely pleased with his choice of words. Beautiful. Not sexy, pretty, or any other word. Beautiful. 

He’s still on his seat when I reach his side of his table. This gives me an idea. I undo the knot behind my neck and pull my dress down slowly by the ropes, revealing my full succulent breasts. His eyes glaze over with the lust I could only hear in his voice before.

I bite my lower lip again. Habit. I fall slowly to my knees, my fingers tracing over his clothed chest. It’s hard, more because of the tension he feels right now than any effect of lots of time at the gym. My fingers find their way to his belt which I unbuckle in no time. My hands scout the area. I feel the excitement ready to burst. The size of it makes me smile knowing my species, as well as my own body, will thank me. 

This is my contribution to hope for humanity. Humans believe that the end of the world is the day their species is wiped off the planet. Science thinks you can outrun getting wiped out by evolving. Taking all the best features that keep your species alive and putting them together. I’m one of the best to ever come out of this species, I know that. So I’ll seek and find others like me and merge. Offspring from the best. Children.

Posterity is the light. I’m simply finding those that can make me the source.

It’s a lot more complicated than good genes, I know. This is why I’m donating the results of the merge to science.

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  1. Bruh, sister made fornication look so selfless and noble. I want to help humanity too🙏🏽

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