”What flavour do you want?” My dad looks down and smiles at me. ”I think we should all have different flavours so we can have a taste of it all. If you want the same flavour as someone does, though, who am I to stop you?”

My face scrunches up as I think. The best part about daddy bringing the ice cream home after work every day has to be the fact that I don’t go through this mental task. I never have to choose. The only thing I have to do asides actually eating the ice cream is being grateful. Gratitude isn’t that much of a task though, is it?

Ice cream is delicious, and even when it’s not – because there are some terrible flavours – eating some is an experience. It does give you brain freeze though. It’s also bad for you when you have too much of it. So the thing is, have a little because it’s a blessing – enough such that you’re grateful to have some. Don’t, however, overdo it.

Life comes in as many flavours as ice cream. Maybe even more. Your race, social status, even gender are all the ingredients that dictate what your life tastes like. It’s an experience to have life regardless of the fact that it comes in shitty flavours as well. This mentality is so intrinsic that we’re also taught to be grateful for life as we are for ice cream. Tell daddy up in the sky thank you at every moment of self-awareness that you are, indeed, alive. Even if it’s not the flavour you’d have picked had you had the chance to. My dad thought I and my brothers having different flavours was a great idea. Everyone gets a taste of the others’. Do you think that’s the same thing the big guy up there was thinking when he gave so much diversity to life? If that’s the case, why don’t we wanna share? Why are we convinced our flavours are the best? Especially plain old glorified vanilla.

Life gives you brain freeze too. It’s just a lot more intense. Don’t go too fast; at anything. Not trusting people. We all know how that ends most times. Don’t even go to fast at learning. Step by step instead. If you go to 3rd grade when you missed 1st grade, your brain most likely will freeze in class. Flick by flick of your tongue, you’re expected to take your time else, there are repercussions. Don’t have too much of anything in life. Not even ice cream. Ha, the cycle! It can overwhelm you such that you boycott ice cream and everything else can make you want to boycott life altogether. Life isn’t ice cream though. Or is it?

I’m rambling, aren’t I? All because I need to decide what flavour of ice cream I want. Well, I don’t have all day. Neither does my dad. I think I see why the big guy doesn’t let us pick or, at least, let me pick. I do this everytime I have to make a decision. If simply 1% of the 7 billion people are like me in the least, it would take a lot of time for sky daddy to send us here.

”That one.” I point at the tray filled with ice cream that’s nearly every colour of the rainbow. ”I want that one.”

It looks just as I imagine my mind does. I definitely will take it.

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  1. Life is really like ice cream
    Most of us want to eat alot of ice cream with going through the brain freeze

    It’s same with life we all want to enjoy without any set backs

    But set backs are inevitable

  2. You, don’t you ever talk shit about vanilla! 😂
    Vanilla is Bae. Insightful piece tho.

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