”Delivery!” I hear as I get closer to the door. 

I unlock the door and open it. A delivery person is standing very close to the threshold, but I don’t mind. My eyes take the delivery person in and I can’t help the smile that crosses my face. My eyes meet theirs. They look like they can see my soul. 

”Layla?” Something about the way my name rolls of their tongue makes me press my thighs together. 

”Yes.” I bite my lower lip.

He hands me the parcel. I see the label on it and realise it’s the wig I’d been waiting for. All the ‘horny’ I was feeling was suddenly replaced by excitement for my wig. 

”Thank you so much.” I smile at them.

”You’re welcome.” They turn to leave. 

I close the door behind me, holding the package in one hand. I realise I never figured out if he’s a man. I walk to the dinning table and place the package on it. I’m begin to tear at the wrapper when I hear my phone ring. 

”Ugh.” I let out, realising I don’t know exactly where my phone is.

Should I completely unwrap the package or look for my phone to answer it. I mentally weigh the options. Somewhere along the line, I must have made my decision because I find my hands unwrapping. I take away every layer till I see the fine strands of hair.

Cue the angelic choir.

I take it out, examining it with my eyes. It’s beautiful. I spent a lot of money on this, and it was honestly worth it. Stella bought a similar one, but somehow, she got it way cheaper. 

”You’re beautiful.” I whisper, leaning in closer to the wig dangling from my hand. 

My phone rings again. This time, I’m willing to go find it. I search the top of every flat surface. I realise the phone’s the couch I was laying on before the doorbell rang. Of course. I roll my eyes. I pick my phone off of the couch, but it stops ringing before I can answer it. The notification on the screen shows that both missed calls were from Stella.  I search my brain for what function I forgot we had together, but nothing comes up. Stella doesn’t call for no reason. If we don’t have somewhere to be, there’s probably an emergency. The realisation of this makes me click on the notification and unlock phone. This returns her call, and she picks up on the second ring.

”Where on earth were you?” Her breaths are short.

”What’s wrong?” I ask, genuinely worried.

”Remember that wig?” She starts. 

”Girl, you’ll never believe I just got mine. How you paid less and got it faster is beyond me.” I chuckle, forgetting that she sounds upset.

”I just got it yesterday.”

”Still earlier.” I shrug, sitting on the couch behind me.

”Well, I thought, why not break it in today? I called my boyfriend for an impromptu date…”

”Aw. That’s sweet.” I coo, interrupting her.

”Let me finish.” She snaps.

”Sorry.” I roll my eyes.

”I just tried to brush it and all the curls came out.” She sniffles.



”Well curl it back.” I offer the first solution that comes to mind.

”I tried…” Her voice breaks. ”…it just all burnt off.”

”What?” I hold back a laugh.

”I put the curling iron on it and the strands burnt all weird.” She sounds like she’s on the brink of tears. ”What am I going to do? Niall is coming soon.”

”What about your actual hair?” I ask.

”I didn’t prepare, and you know that’s going to take forever.”

On days like this, it’s pain being a black girl.

”I can…” I sigh. ”…bring you mine? I just got it, but you can have it for today, I guess.” 

”Really?” There’s hope in her voice. 

”Yeah. I’ll walk over with it now.” I get up from the couch and walk toward the dining table.

”Thank you so much, Layla.” She croaks.

I wonder if she was crying already. The call ends, and I drop my phone on the table. I pick up the box containing my wig. I sigh. We should have expected this. That wig went for a price that was ridiculously low, but Stella jumps at everything that’s on sale so I just thought this was one of those times.
I’ve realised, even before now, that sometimes, more is less when it comes to money and troubles. The more money, the less troubles. Of course, that doesn’t always apply. You can be scammed for what seems like the absolute right price. I just think it’s less likely to happen.

”Oh well.” My tongue clicks.

I turn on my heel to head toward the door, but I remember I left my phone. I turn back and pick it up with, stuffing it in my left pocket. It’s a warm sunny day, so I decide I don’t need a jacket. Besides, Stella’s place is on the next street. I’ll be back in no time.

I head for the door, box in hand.

”You owe me, Stella.” I say out loud, shaking my head.

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