The air in her room is cold. It blows against my face, and I inhale it.

I stand at the door, my eyes roaming the room for her. I smile when my eyes meet hers.

My bottom lip is caught in between my incisors as I notice her cleavage. I didn’t dress her up well the last time I was living and it is very lovely seeing her stay slightly open from our last encounter. She’s beautiful, completely bare – like she will be soon – or all covered up like the first day we met.

It was at her old apartment, right where anybody could get to her. It was cold there just like her new room. She really does like it cold. She lived with a few friends who were just like her, but she stood out. I’m sure it’s the face that she’s tanned unlike her other housemates who were pale. I’m a sucker for tans, so she caught my eye immediately.

Every time I see her, it’s like the first time. The smile we shared the first time is the same as the one we’ve shared every moment after. She’s beautiful, and in that moment, I knew I had to make her mine. I brought her home and gave her a room at my place. No objections. Not once.

Another smile crosses my face thinking about the first time I met her. She makes me smile all the time, and that’s why she’s the embodiment of true happiness for me. She constantly makes me happy, and I couldn’t ask for more.

I take her out of her room by the hand knowing that it’s only a matter of time before she turns to goo in my hands. That’s how I like her. Dripping for me.

I take off her covering and stick a finger in. The penetration makes a mulching sound. I love that sound. I love her.

I take out my finger and place it in my mouth. My tongue swipes off any essence of her stuck to my finger. She’s absolutely delicious, especially off of my fingers. The way I like to take her, some might call it savage.

Something about my fingers rather than any instrument makes her taste better. I go in her again, this time two fingers in. Her squishing is louder.

She’s already dripping everywhere, so I figure there’s no need for the theatrics anymore. 

I scoop a large chunk of her out with the two fingers in. I put the chunk in mouth, savouring the taste of her. Knowing I have to put her back in her room soon so she can give me more happiness later makes her taste even better in this moment.

I wish I could have her whenever I please. That would make me truly happy. I, however, don’t have an endless supply of chocolate ice cream. In fact, I only have one tub because she was the only chocolate in the supermarket freezer. Every other tub of ice cream was vanilla. As a result, I have to show restraint right now and put this tub back in the fridge.

I put her lid back on and open the fridge with my other hand. I shove her in and smile as I close the fridge. I’m leaving her, but I can still smile knowing I’ll have her later. She really is the embodiment of true happiness.

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