It’s in nature’s nature to give life.

Everything with breath, Earth made alive.

The birds, the bugs and where they live – the trees;

She made them all, and most importantly, me.

I am Gaia, and I’m more than Earth’s child.

I’m Her embodiment in the calm and in the wild.

I exist not just as the Earth’s offspring,

I am, so that just like Her, life I bring.

She made the first and then started to nurse.

Then She gave me power to make the rest of us.

I am Gaia, and I’m more than Earth’s child.

I’m Her embodiment so that we are side by side.

I exist and prevail like Her through all,

Through the elements, and peaks and falls.

We’ve both managed to exist through time,

With me as her medium, the source of life.

I am Gaia, and I’m more than Earth’s child.

I’m Her embodiment, and I come in every kind.

A number of Her gifts I’m blessed with,

And giving life, one of the best gifts.

A lover, a teacher, a nurse, all of it I am.

Be it in the waters, in the air or on land.

I am Gaia, and I’m not just Earth’s child.

I am such that all her features in you’ll find.

I come in many forms and kinds and sizes,

But regardless, from me, life always arises.

What to be is what every child sees.

If not, eventually, their kind would cease.

I am Gaia, and the Earth isn’t just my mother.

I am Her while I’m also Her daughter.

I am her spirit in all of her offspring,

And in all of them, her praises we sing.

Grateful for not just life, but nurture.

Thankful even for diversity and culture.

I am Gaia, and the Earth did not simply birth me.

She gave me life for those who would be. 

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