The Spell

The Spell

In the jungle today, animals come in different colours – red and yellow and black and white. Among all the animals are lions who mostly had all the pride. Lots of things distinguished the animals in general, and more often than not, they let these things cause actual rifts between them. The major distinguishing features they couldn’t get over were colour, gender, and size. Certain parts of the jungle belong to certain colour of animals, but despite their differences you can still find an animal of a different colour in a part of the jungle that belongs to another colour. This mostly happens because of was some history there. 

The part of the jungle you mostly find black animals is called Afreeka, and here, there’s a section called Naeeja. Though you can find black animals in the parts of the jungle that belong to white animals, the black lions have a particular trait they like to show off. They think they are the most majestic of all the lions. Lions are generally lions, majestic and fully aware of it, but Afreekan lions like to remind everyone that they are Afreekan lions. They especially liked to make sure every female of every kind of animal would be lucky to have them. 

Usually, the only way animals can go from being one animal to being another is to partner up with the animal they want to become. Of course, this only works for females. Unless they are female, an animal will remain what they are, no matter who they partner up with. A few days ago, however, the weirdest thing happened. Naeejan lions were turned into another animal, thanks to a spell cast by a white mama pig they thought was a white lioness. Today, the black lions of Naeeja have been reduced to piglets.

I’ll run you through it.

It all starts on the Entrehook. Chirper, to be precise. On chirper, a black lioness comes to assert her lioness status. She declares she has come to the realisation that she doesn’t want nor need a lion to make her a lioness, after all. It’s the most ridiculous thing the Naeejan lions ever heard. Never has such a thing happened. As far as everyone knows, a lioness needs a lion to truly make her a lioness. It’s literally in the name: LION-ess. Either you’re born of a lion with genes so strong, you don’t get your mother’s previous form, or you find yourself a lion partner and turn. You can’t just claim to be a lioness without a lion’s help.

“What nonsense!” All the black lions chorused. 

To the lions, this is becoming a trend. Naeejan females are starting to think they can just wake up one morning and be lionesses. Worse, they think lions and lionesses are the same and can do everything the other can. Heck! They give all kinds of female hope that they were equal with to their male counterparts. It’s becoming such a mess, and that’s exactly why they cant just let go of what this so called lioness just put out. They know it’s nonsense. Too much nonsense. But somehow, females are buying it, and that’s exactly why they need someone to fully shut this impostor up. It has to be a female, though, because it’s better if the females hear the gospel of becoming a true lioness from the mouth of a true lioness. But none of the other female lionesses that owe their status to the lions come up to challenge this rogue. The lions start to think, perhaps they shouldn’t have taught their lionesses that their place was only to hunt. They didn’t teach their lionesses how to standing up for themselves. They didn’t think it was necessary. A lioness with a competent lion in her life didn’t need to do certain things. Standing up for herself was one of those things.

Just when the lions start to lose hope that their gospel will be preached, the most unexpected thing happens. A white lioness comes up on Chirper and faces the rogue black one. She explains that she’d been all over the jungle and even had the blood of a black lion flowing through her – Naeejan blood, to be precise. These make her an expert on the subject of Naeejan lions and their power to make lionesses into what they were. It’s easy for the Naeejan lions to support this white lioness. Here she is, doing the work of actual black lionesses. Plus, where white fur or skin has always symbolised authority. If a white animal says something, it must be the most truthful of truths. 

The problem, now, is that everytime a Naeejan lion showed support for what the white lioness said, the weirdest thing happens. They lose their mane. They lose their claws. They lose their sharp teeth. They reduce significantly in size. They can’t see it happening, but they can feel it, so they just cap it all up as exhaustion. Rogues can do that to you when you’ve gotten used to never having anyone challenge your power. Soon, other animals tell the Naeejan lions that they can’t really recognise them. The other animals are still expressing their confusion about what has happened to the lions when the white lioness comes back on Chirper, this time to make a toast to wish her supporters her a proper night’s rest.

“Goodnight, piglets.” She says, lifting a cup with a shiny liquid in it. 

Little do they know the liquid is a magic elixir and the words are the final chant of her spell. The white lioness prudently no longer looks like a lioness, but a pig instead. And that’s when the other animals can see the resemblance. The Naeejan lions no longer look like lions. They look like very much like her, their former white lioness. They look like pigs. But they are smaller than she is. Like her children. 

They’ve become piglets! The realisation hits suddenly.

But, you see, Naeejan lions still see their lion selves in the mirror. They do not believe when other animals tell them what they now look like. Instead, they try to explain that the other animals simply misheard the white lioness. As far as they were know, she addressed them in the language of the part of the jungle she’s from. It just sounded a lot like ‘piglets’ in Naeejan language.

Therefore, not only were Naeejan lions reduced to piglets by this curse, they were also put in denial. There might be a cure, but the problem is, Naeejan lions don’t think they need one, and the other Naeejan animals have gotten fed up with the lions acting like they don’t need help. So, who knows how long they’ll remain like that – piglets roaming around with the pride that belongs to lions.

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