The Wise Ones And The Fools

The Wise Ones And The Fools




Psalm 14:1

A couple of centuries have passed since the ultimate wise ones won the war. According to what my grandma told me, their victory came as such a shock to everyone. They were the most serene of all the wise ones. They believed more in peace – even though they’re known to have started off ‘a tad’ violent before choosing a different approach to their evangelism. They realised psychological influence did a lot more than physical influence. And that’s how they won. They actually left people alive to keep their practices alive as well; unlike the other wise ones who would get rid of the person as soon as they rejected them in the slightest.

At a point, people misconstrued their passiveness for weakness. Because they weren’t actively using guns or machetes, the fools seemed to be getting bolder and bolder. My grandma’s favourite instance was insignificant enough that people didn’t really talk about it anymore after a few days, but it mattered much to her since she was a fool back then, and she used to love the party involved. Here, let me tell you the story of it.

Grandma says there were things called ‘secular states’ back then. Basically, they were just states with laws that had nothing to do with the wise ones and their practices. An example of such a state was an African one called Nyjeerya. That’s where we’re from. So, in Nyjeerya, absolutely none of the laws in the constitution were created based on the practices of the wise ones. Such a thing would be absurd in a secular state.

Secularism also extended to the media. As a result, there was this content hub that had a bit of everything. They were interested in everyone, wise ones and fools alike. The wise ones sought to thrive there. So, one day, they put up a video interviewing people, and a wise one said something the fools didn’t like. The fools said it was a violation of their beliefs. They explained that as a secular hub in a secular state, the wise ones shouldn’t push their practices down everyone’s throat. So the content hub put out a public apology and took down the video. My grandma loved the content there a lot, so when she found out the fools had power there, she couldn’t get enough of them. 

For the wise ones, this was just one of many signs that if they didn’t act fast, the fools would dominate them. Many other instances like that down the road caused the wise ones’ fear to increase every day. One day, a few of them snapped. The thing about the ultimate wise ones is there’s a lot of them with a lot of versions of the same practice. They couldn’t all agree on one doctrine. but one thing they all agreed on back then was the fact that they were becoming a minority. Not in numbers, but in how much influence they had. So, they fought, and they won. They fought the fools first, and with the All-knowing on their side, it was an easy fight. Then came the battle where the wise ones had to face each other. Grandma won’t tell me exactly how the ultimate wise ones won. All I know is they did. Understanding as they were, they didn’t completely eradicate the other kinds of wise ones like they did the fools. They knew they were all wise, though some wiser than the others. They just wanted to make sure that everyone was some kind of wise.

Now, there are no more secular states. The wise ones in all their wisdom have changed a lot of things, including general vocabulary. I was reading an old book from centuries ago, and the word ‘fool’ was used to mean something completely different. It was used to refer to someone who lacks judgement or sense. I found that funny because if there’s one thing the fools I’ve heard about (like Charles Darwin) have, it’s their own judgment and sense. I mean, isn’t that what makes them fools? There is an All-knowing, and they decide that their judgement surpasses that of the All-knowing. Of course, a fool is the one who thinks his judgement and sense could ever surpass that of the one who knows it all. If the old meaning of fool was anything but one who could think free of dogma, then I’m not surprised the wise ones had to use their holy book to modify our vocabulary.

Knowing all of this, I’m so glad I’m not a fool. Tell me, are you one?

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