”I’m rich.” Bruce replies Barry. 

A wide smile cracks on my face. One glance at my brother indicates I’m not the only one that found the line amusing. 

The movie’s over and my brother growls. I raise an eyebrow at him.

”Guyyyyyy…” He drawls. ”…I can’t get over Bruce.”

I’m rich.” He mimics Bruce Wayne. 

I giggle. I think I’m just as amused as he is even if it’s for different reason. For me, it’s mostly about the fact I’ve gotten the question ”What superpower would you like?” a bunch of times. From casual talks with friends to online quizzes and questions. The options are typically things counted as ’impossible’ for a normal human. They’re also usually related to ability. Here’s one, however, that’s neither impossible nor is it an ability. It’s just a state. Being rich.

”It’s not about just being rich though, is it?” I nod to the side.

”What do you mean?” My brother seems curious. 

”Bezos isn’t a superhero, is he? Same with Gates.”

I choose to believe that the look that crosses my brother’s face is understanding.

”The superpower isn’t what makes the superhero. The superhero makes the superhero.”

”You mean will?” My brother inputs.

”Basically.” I smile.

”Guy, I’m not about to make a life lesson out of a movie.”

He smiles back.

”But that’s how they taught us.” I say, referring to our parents.

When we were kids, every book we read, every story they told us, every movie we saw always led to a quizzing after. They made sure we learnt something and shared what we learnt with ourselves. I guess old habits die harder for me than they do for my brother. 

”Fair point.” He smirks.

He reaches for his phone. A lot of notifications pop up on the screen as it comes on. I know this means he’ll start to ignore me now. 

I decide to mellow in my own thoughts. 

All of the superheroes in the stories – and not just the ones with money like Tony Bruce – are superheroes because they choose to fight. It’s not just about having the powers. After all, in the same stories, people have superpowers and are villains instead. It’s mostly about choosing to do exceptional good with the exceptional parts to you. 

I chuckle lightly at my epiphany. I really need to stop these.

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  1. It’s true really, to quote the great Stan Lee himself “whoever goes out of his way to help other because it should or must be done, and cause it’s the right thing to do is indeed without a doubt a real superhero”
    Lowkey pained me you didn’t use this quote sha. But interesting piece.

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