”If they ever find out…”

”We’ve pulled it off this long. I shush her. ”Nothing, my dear, is going to happen.”

”You don’t get it. Lachesis noticed something about your thread. Her job is to measure, remember? They don’t know it’s yours, but they know a thread is overgrown.” She rushes in one breath. ”If we didn’t trust each other’s efficiency…”

”But you do.” I interrupt her again. ”They don’t know whose thread it is, right? They don’t know it’s mine?”

”For some reason.” She nods. ”It’s nothing like we ever encountered. It doesn’t feel mortal. It’s…” She pauses. ”…magnificent. Quite like you are.” She cups my cheek.

I lean into her touch. Her breath is raspy.

”We have no idea what the threads of the gods are like, but Clotho thinks that might be the case.”

This is the first time all night that she’s stopped talking for a significant amount of time. I figure it’s my cue to say something. I think about her last sentence. 

”Atropos, this is good. You’d never dare touch the life of a god…”

”We don’t have the power.”

I’m pleased to hear that. 

”So just go with it.”


”Convince Clotho that she’s right. That it’s a divine thread, or something…”

”All threads are divine.” She interrupts me.

I smile.

”Well, this is even more.”

”What if they call on me to cut it?” Her voice is a whisper.

She’s scared. I never thought I’d see the day a goddess would be scared of how much a mortal could cause on her. Love really is the greatest weapon. I feel power flow through me.

”Then you tell them the truth. Tell them that you can’t touch a thread so magnificent. Tell them you’d hate to see what happens when you touch one of the children of the Titans.” I whisper, pushing her forehead against mine.

I kiss her. She returns the gesture.

I smile against her lips as she pulls away. 

”I love you.” Her breath hits my face.

Here, her breath mixing with mine, I know I’ll live eternal. That’s what happens when fate loves you. Even if, one day, my physical body dies, the memory of me will forever because a fate loved me.

I smile at her.

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