“You haven’t spoken to your sister in three days.”

“Yeah? Well, stranger things have happened.” She said obviously bored and uninterested. She had been in her room since the fall out with Sade three days ago. She only left to get something to eat in the kitchen when she was sure Sade would not be anywhere in sight. “I guess the big girl is finally starting to understand times when I need space in this house” She said to Collins who, for some reason, was still standing by the entrance of her room. “What do you want?”

“Peace.” He said. “I can’t continue to move around or live like I’m the bad guy here because I care about you and your sister.”

“No one asked you to care about me, okay? Besides, Sade is your priority not me, so butt off” He didn’t respond. “Well, I’m off to the supermarket. I need to get some supplies, if you know what I mean” She winked and walked past Collins. The closest supermarket was pretty close by, but that wasn’t the only place she had planned to visit today. She picked her car keys and headed out. She rounded up her shopping in ten minutes and hurried on to pay when she heard a familiar voice calling her. ‘Oh God, not again’, she muttered quietly beneath the face mask she was putting on. “Hey Kunle, how are you?” She tried to force a smile before remembering he could not see it anyway.

“I’m very well. I just came out for a short drive, and to pick few things for the house.”

“Oh, I see.” She nodded, searching  for quick ways to excuse herself. She had no time to make small talk, and besides, time was running out. “Okay, so I would see you back home then, I’m actually in a bit of a hurry.”

“Yeah, no problem. Hope you are much better now? I was so scared when I came out to see them take you away in the ambulance the other day.” He said again for umpteenth time. “It’s best I let you get going now. My regards to Sade. “By the way, hope your dad is staying safe o, I learnt on the news that a number of doctors and other health workers are just getting infected with this virus anyhow.” Túnmikẹ froze. How did Kunle know her father?

“My father?”

“Yeah.” He affirmed. “Anyway, take good care then.” He hurried off, leaving Tunmi in a bewildered state.

She didn’t know how Kunle knew about her father, but she was definitely just about to find out. Maybe Sade? No, it couldn’t be. Sade was never cool with speaking about him to anyone since the divorce. Besides me, she blamed him for even almost everything that went wrong. Although she never said it out loud and that was only because mom never encouraged it. We could all see it in her eyes though.

The drive to Banana Island was hectic thanks to Lagos traffic. It was as though the lockdown was a huge myth here in Lagos. Tunmi didn’t let that hold her back from going to see him though. She had already planned to meet him earlier after she was done at the Supermarket. Now, she even had more questions, and it started with how Kunle knew who he was.

<to be continued. 

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    I knew the doctor is their father se.

    Great episode. Now I really want to see what happens next.

    I enjoyed this one too o. Well-done Buks.

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