On their arrival to the apartment the following morning, Túnmikẹ́ could not help but notice how foreign the apartment looked to her – even though she had just been kicked out a day before. Dúrójaiyé was held up in a conversation with his lawyer on the phone. He had made it clear that he didn’t want to be there so he wouldn’t have to put up with any drama, but Aunt Rose had insisted like always. Túnmikẹ́ always felt thankful that Fọláṣadé had selected one of the apartments on the first floor because it saved them the stress of climbing so many stairwells. But as they climbed the stairs that day, Túnmikẹ́ wished it extended just a little longer so she could gather momentum for the drama she was sure was about to unfold. 

When the trio got to the door of the apartment, they couldn’t help but notice how queer it was that the door was left open ajar. Aunt Rose was the first to break the silence. She called out Fọláṣadé’s name at the top of her voice before gathering the courage to go in. Túnmikẹ́ followed heading first to the direction where she always kept an emergency weapon for safety. “She’s not here.” Túnmikẹ́ said after checking the last room. “Ah! And she hasn’t been picking her calls since yesterday.” Aunt Rose placed her hands on her head “Omo yi o ni koba mi oo!” She exclaimed. That was when Túnmikẹ́ started to panic “Where is your father?!” Aunt Rose asked storming out of the room to the front door with Túnmikẹ́ following her from behind. When they got outside, Túnmikẹ́ noticed Dúrójaiyé was engaged in a conversation with one of their neighbours. “The young man just told me that one Kunle took Fọláṣadé to the hospital last night.” He started to say when Túnmikẹ́ and Aunt Rose approached him. “What?!” Túnmikẹ́ panicked. “Yes, apparently the young man was about to enter his apartment when he heard Fọláṣadé’s cry for help.” Dúrójaiyé continued. “He had to break the door down to access the apartment.” “My God!” Aunt Rose gasped. 

“What still baffles me is that this Kunle had told them he was taking Fọláṣadé to the hospital where her father worked, but I never got any calls from anyone. I am calling the hospital now to confirm” As Dúrójaiyé started to punch in the numbers to dial, the doctor’s car drove into the compound. Túnmikẹ́ noticed his car from the balcony where they all stood, and ran all the way down the stairs when she noticed her sister was in the car with the doctor. “What happened to her?” Túnmikẹ́ asked running to support her sister who struggled to stand upright. “It was a drug overdose.” The doctor said “According to what she told me, she was struggling from a severe headache, so she dissolved an excess dose of her drugs in a mixture to make it easier to consume all at once.” He explained. “So, what are you still doing here?” Dúrójaiyé asked as he approached the doctor and the girls. “Relax Sir, your daughter was brought in last night and I decided to bring her home. She told me about the fight with Túnmikẹ́.” He glanced at Tunmi. “Quite frankly, I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone when I came. I’d spare you the trouble and leave.”

“Wait.” Aunt Rose said. Her demeanour had changed and she seemed more troubled, but no one noticed. “Túnmikẹ́, why don’t you take your sister upstairs to lie down, while I entertain our guest here in appreciation of what he has done.” Aunt Rose gestured towards the doctor. “It’s no problem ma’am.” The doctor said “I wouldn’t want to intrude.” “Nonsense!” Aunt Rose replied “I insist. Come with me and let’s discuss more on my daughter’s health.” Dúrójaiyé looked forlorn, but he followed Aunt Rose and the doctor upstairs out of the respect he had for her. 

Neither of the men knew that what was troubling Aunt Rose’s heart at the moment went beyond Fọláṣadé’s health. She had been very concerned when the young man Dúrójaiyé spoke about, who had assisted Fọláṣadé, said that he was taking Fọláṣadé to the hospital where her father worked. At first she thought it was because Dúrójaiyé had been too busy and involved with his legal crises, that was why he had been difficult to reach. She was ready to give him a good scolding until she saw the actual doctor that the young man had referred to. The two men made themselves comfortable in the compact living room in Fọláṣadé’s apartment. She smiled awkwardly at them before relaxing her aching back on the sofa. In all honesty, she hoped this day would never come and she did all she could to avoid it especially since the time Abimbola had passed. But it seemed like fate had other plans.

“So…” She said, deciding to start with an ice breaker “what do you men know about financial intelligence?” She asked. Dúrójaiyé laughed “Aunty, please let’s not waste anymore time.” He said “Did you really ask this man to come upstairs to discuss financial intelligence while my daughter just had a medical crisis?” Aunt Rose stared at Dúrójaiyé scornfully “I will have you know that Fọláṣadé is my daughter too, and I am even more worried about the girls than you are right now. I am not a fool for having this conversation so you better show me some respect.” She said in annoyance, before directing her gaze to the doctor “And you?” She asked “What do you know about financial intelligence?” The doctor was astonished. He gave it a quick thought before he sat up and cleared his throat to reply. “Ma…” He started “I think financial intelligence is a person’s ability to handle his wealth – knowing how to save, invest and proportionally manage his income and expenses. It goes beyond owning a business. Even young people like Túnmikẹ́ and Fọláṣadé are urged to be financially intelligent” Aunt Rose seemed satisfied with that response. She took in a deep breath before she continued “Many years ago, I made a decision. A very big decision that has affected so many lives now including the lives of you two seated here.” She said. “It’s about Abimbola…” That caught the attention of the two men, and Túnmikẹ́ who decided to eavesdrop when she heard Aunt Rose mention her mother’s name.

<to be continued.

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  1. Eii🤩 I think Aunty Rose dragged the marriage between Abimbola and Durojaiye because she was being “financially intelligent” o. 🤣

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