People often ponder about the roads they could have taken on their journey through life; whether indeed it was determined by choice, or by fate. Whether things would have been better, or worse. Would it have been filled with better opportunities? Better results? The endless curiousity creates imaginations that suites their fantasies of what could have been. They quickly forget about present realities and whither in regrets, like the purple hyacinth, of what should have been. Even though the reality they seem to have found or created on that road, are nothing but fantasies stuck in their imaginations.

For Dúrójaiye, he wondered if leaving Abimbola for good was the better road to have taken. He often wondered, and the thought had haunted him for years. He knew his money always opened doors for him in the past, but that was not the case with Abimbola. She was a humble woman who loved him genuinely. He knew. He also knew he had not always been a very good husband to her on some days, but she was always ready to forgive him. Perhaps he had taken all that for granted and allowed the thought of becoming indispensable to her get in his head. Perhaps  that was why he could not live with her knowing she had chosen someone else over him.  He noticed the times when he yelled at her for no reason, how she trembled in fear. A part of him enjoyed it but deep down, he knew it was not okay. He had hit her a couple of times, not because she was disrespectful. It was mostly transferred aggression. He took a gulp of his very expensive scotch and let the heat melt on his tongue as he pondered on the road of forgiveness he had not taken with his ex-wife, while he stared at the divorce papers his new wife had dropped on him like a bomb that early morning.

For Collins, the road he pondered about was whether it was a good idea to have chased after Sade in a bid to make Túnmi jealous. He only had eyes for Túnmi, but after she refused all his advances, he decided to go after her sister. He was sure at the time that Túnmi liked him too, and he hoped that the thought of her knowing she would lose him would help her decide she actually wanted him. He didn’t know Sade already had a crush on him at the time which had increased with all the romantic gestures he pulled. Along the line, he got to admire her and see her for who she truly was; a young lady so fragile, with lots of insecurities, fears and doubts. He had seen it the night she had opened up to him about her father whom she had sworn never to talk to anyone about. Her fragility had attracted him to her the more because it made him feel like a hero of some sort, like he was wanted. It made him feel special. But now? It was getting exhausting. He patted her back as she cried over the fight she just had with Túnmikẹ while he was in the bathroom, and also pondered on the road of integrity he had not taken.

For Túnmikẹ, she pondered about how it would have been if she had just kept her promise to her sister and never visited her father in the first place.  Meeting with her dad had always felt like the right thing to do, but now, she was not so sure anymore. Sade was probably right. The man probably never loved them, he just liked to acknowledge that no one could do without him, his money and influence. That must have been why he left and cut off every responsibility abruptly. ‘So we could see how much we needed him to survive and come crawling back’, she thought. And that was exactly what she had done. She had needed money for school and located his new house by all means, and kept going back to ask for different things over and over again. Soon, it became more than just money for school, but for little things she didn’t even need. She had become so dependent on the man. She thought back to the day her mother had died. She was supposed to have been there with her mom, but she stupidly ran to her father who had called her for an errand. Perhaps if all that hadn’t happened, she could have been home. She could have seen the signs and rushed her mother to the hospital early enough. She could still be alive today. The guilt ate her up till this very day. She stared at her phone and hit send. She pondered on as her phone beeped. A message had just entered from her father acknowledging the receipt of the details of the next doctor’s appointment she had just sent to him.

The doctor had a lot of roads to ponder about. He relaxed by the pool in the country club he frequently visited every Sunday. His mind wandered back to when he had first met Abimbola. They were both fresh students at the University when they met, and before their second year, they were romantically involved. He had decided to travel abroad to continue his studies on a scholarship. He had promised to come back for her when he returned, but like every sad love story, they had lost touch. He met her few years after at a supermarket and was very happy indeed. He soon learnt she had dropped out of school because of low finances. Both her parents had died in a car accident, and she was living with her aunt. She was twenty-three at the time and her aunt was ready to give her out for marriage to a very wealthy man. Her aunt had told her she was lucky the man had eyes for her, and he was sure to take care of her with all his money, but she had not wanted it. She had wanted to be with the doctor. She snuck out of the house several times to be with the doctor, and they had both planned to run away together, but she was caught and was married off to the wealthy man soon after. They had lost touch again until few years ago…

“Daddy! Daddy!! Daddy!!!” His thoughts were interrupted by his four-year old daughter. “Daddy, I want ice cream, plsssss” She begged. She was so adorable, like a little female version of himself, he always thought.

“Okay, daddy would get you ice cream honey. Right after you grab your bag pack. We are leaving now.” She ran off to get her bag pack and as she ran off, the doctor stared on and suddenly regretted another road he had not taken four years ago.

<to be continued.

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  1. Imagine Afolasade finds out that Túnmike was running an errand for their dad the day Abimbola died.
    Let me just patiently wait for it 😂

    1. Damn… So the doctor had something with their mom. Explains a lot now.

      I wish this family never lost their mom. Super sad knowing her side of this story and how she’s been treated.

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