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Day 2. Writing Prompt: A gift from the past.


Why does everyone need to ask about your taste in music when they are getting to know you? Is there a personality checklist I somehow missed? One that automatically made people think they know you from the kind of tunes you listen to. Bisi thought. She looked at the boy in front of her, wondering whether to give him an honest answer or just feign interest in whoever was currently trending. She decided to go with the latter. Giving him an honest answer would only arouse more conversation, and she was not ready to entrap herself in one with this dude. His lips curled upwards, revealing an ugly set of brown teeth when she told him how she loved Asake. 

He must have seen the disgust in her facial expression because he stopped smiling immediately. Her facial expressions always betrayed her innermost thoughts. At least it killed the conversation that was already dead the minute she caught a whiff of his body odour when he approached.

The drive home was uneventful. Bisi’s resting bitch face was back on default since there was no one around her she needed to give an impression of being approachable. Social gatherings tired her quickly because of all the faux appearances. She almost always leaves one with a taunting headache reminding her of her social anxiety and how she does not fit in. She turned up the volume of her audio, drowning herself in the melodious voice of Style Plus asking if he could pour her wine. 

As much as I love to listen to old music, that does not mean I am stuck in the past. I also enjoy new releases. She mentally argued with the voice of her friend in her head, her friend who had tried to diagnose a part of her personality from her taste in music. It is not like music should be thrown away. 

On second thought, what exactly does it mean to be stuck in the past? Isn’t the past a part of our existence? A part of our present and future? Why should the past be forgotten when it can be used as a reference to make better choices and prevent the same mistake from happening twice? Or can be seen as a treasure for our fondest memories. Why can’t the past be identified as a guide to know how to handle tomorrow when it becomes today? Why does it feel like the past should be forgotten in this fast-paced world when the year runs fast like it’s only been four months long? Eventually, the past becomes our story whether we like it or not because even the future becomes the past too. And when we are old, we have beautiful memories we have created and learned enough from to guide those who come after us. 

“So are you saying things can’t change?” She remembered her friend asking her that day, right after she had insisted on enjoying old music because it felt like her subconscious somehow tied some fondness to the music she liked, and now it was more about the memories than how much she enjoyed the songs. She didn’t know what to say then, but now, a week later, her brain had an answer to the question. Her friend had misunderstood her. Certain things change, and certain things don’t. The past influences the premise of whether things should change or not. The past is in itself a gift. It is what remains after the uncertainty of tomorrow comes and goes. 

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