BY Titilope Adeuja

Imagery – Bulus Blessing

Being one of the best food vendors in our area, Huari never disappointed our belles and taste buds because she said, “Quality and Quantity are Peoples’ Best Friends All the Time!” – ALL OF US CAN STILL SMELL THE BEAUTY OF HER FOOD…

Funny enough, there were other dood vendors before her who had been in the business for almost 5 years before her arrival, they made every delicacy she made but we seldom made it a life-saving daily routine to visit their foods.


Being a young lady, she would come very early to the junction with the food-laddened iron-wrought wheelbarrow, ensuring she caught up with the early birds going off to school and farmers on their way to their profession’s venues.

When the news of her delicious food started filtering into ears, mouths and belles began to grow curious and trust the kids to help escalate matters beyond limits for we the kids made sure we helped clean her surroundings for a portion of food, at the end of the day.

At times, we would fight dirty to ensure she looked at us with compassion and send us reeling into the sleeping sun with bellies full of sweetened delicacies that we would spontaneously waxed records of her praises to our parents ears and wonder.

On that Wednesday morning, tragedy slapped hard that NOBODY BELIEVED!!!

As usual, we watched students gather to buy food they woukd take to school and Hauri was trying her best to get everyone satisfied on time; A push here, a shove there would ginger raised voices but nobody actually came to blows…

Suddenly, a little boy smashed bottle on another teen as they jostled for food, NA SO EVERYWHERE SCATTER!

In the midst of the turmoil, one of the girls eating from Hauri’s spot, fell down dead, sending her food into the next stall, triggering the food vendor coming straight for Hauri head with her pestle in hand.

“You dis winsh dun finally kill person wit ya food. Na today ya evil reign go end. Di gods have exposed your yansh today!!!” She ran towards Hauri.

“I dun dey talk am siiiiiiiince but una no go hear! Dis bastard girl dey use alof una destiny as she dey sell food pass…” the food seller opposite Hauri exploded, leaving her stall and gearing up in solidarity to the first vendor.

Hauri was hurled from her trance state unto the dirty muddy road in ridicule as the women descended on her with careless blows and kicks, they did not stop their insults and accusations of witchcraft too.

Finally, when the village chiefs had the chance to secure Hauri from the brink of death, her face was swollen and bloodied.

Hauri pleaded, “I didn’t kill anybody… I..I’m not a…a…a…witch… Please, don’t lemme die….” Blood poured from her mouth and ears in burst.

First Vendor, “You must be mad! You killed that girl as part of your renewal ritual!”

2nd Vendor, “I’ve said it before that that girl mist be a witch because how can be ready with food before the first cock crow?!!!”

First vendor, “See, Chief, na her stall be dat when she first come but as she begin sell, na so Mama Emeka fall sick until she comot from dis village wit swollen legs…”

2nd Vendor, “Mama Emeka stil dey shout say na from market dem shoot am arrow and we dun dey hia wey notin do Mama Emeka o! Ask her say why she enta our market and people begin die laik fowl?”

Chief pleaded that the mob should respect the staff of the king in the turmoil and allow him take Hauri to the palace for proper judgement, “If we should kill her here now, we may never know who sent her or if she has got accomplices. Let’s take her there and we’ll catch the others who are just like her…”

As the 2 food vendors refused, the mob concurred to the royal suggestion, brushing aside the fuming of the vendors.

At the palace, the truth became loud, YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT!

The First and 2nd Vendors had planned with the young boys to disrupt Hauri’s business BECAUSE SHE HAD COME IN AND THEIR CUSTOMERS MOVED ON FROM THEM TO HER!

The girl that died was poisoned by the accomplice of the 2nd Vendor who had gone to pose as a customer at Hauri’s.

Now, I’m seeing black smoke coming from the house of the 2 women…

The chants of destruction is directed towards the women and their families…

Abi I should goan join in the chants ni?

My sister is calling my name, I’ll gist you the stranger thing that happened to one other woman who had gaslighted Hauri too in a few minutes….

“Auntie Mi, I dey come oooooooooo”

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