Jungle justice; a re-emerging issue.


It happens almost everyday but hardly caught on camera though. Its when people take laws into their hands and improvise as judges,jury and justice administrators. The system is brutal as it is ruthless.It is nihilistic as it is barbaric. Its a supposed justice served in the jungle,but remains a severe degree of injustice in the human society. Lets get down to the narrative.
Yesterday ended as a bad day for me after getting to listen to an eyewitness report of one of the numerous Jungle justice happenings. The report which was more of narrative was served by a good friend of mine who just made a return from his few days visit to a commercial town in Anambra state, Nigeria. It was a Jungle justice served in its most fiery grading to a teenage boy who allegedly stole a fairly-used phone put up for sale with a price tag of four thousand naira.
Don’t know what triggered it but I did felt goose bumps all over my body as he narrated. The humanity in me got angered and vexed.He conclusively made a plea that I put up a written piece on this to help sensitise the world of its ills.
It all started when there was a call of public attention to the culprit who at this point has already taken off on his heels. The ever ready idle market mobs were alarmed and just at the next moment, they got in a chase for the young boy.
He was given a serious chase by the mobs who I presume have committed a list of far more grievous offences. But they just don’t get caught because they do know how to play their cards well.While on the chase, my friend looked closely and within the possession of the chasers were machetes, planks, stones, car tyres and a jar of kerosine. Sure indications that the culprit is going to be brutally beaten and subsequently burnt to death.
Disappointingly, even less informed individuals who know virtually nothing about what the accused had done, joined in the chase with potential injury inflicting objects. This I think is a sure implication of the death of the humanity in these individuals. And when the humanity in a man dies, the beast in him is awoken to gain full expression.
Initially, one will be made to reconsider if they were all going for a hunting contest. But on the contrary, they were actually going to stage a fierce feud with the course of humanity.
At a point, the young lad became so exhausted and was unable to run any further. So he fell down to the ground,accepting the reality of his fate. The next scene, I bet you was an eyesore,a deserving definition of brutality. Machete cuts all over his body, random plank slams, blood splash all over the spot where he laid were all but few highlights of what really ensued. At a point he crossed the border line between consciousness and coma, the mobs then laced him up with car tyres and one of them took hold of the jar of kerosine and emptied it on the boy. They weren’t with matches,so a young man in the crowd provided them with one, you can just imagine.
Just a moment after, an ignition was made and a fellow human like us was set ablaze. And while he was shouting in excruciating pain, my friend over heard one of the major accomplices asking another of the crime the young boy committed. What nonsense! After setting him ablaze?
At this point of the narration, as though I was in a trance, I pictured hot tears gushing out of the eyes of humanity as though its a fountain of water. I could feel the pain. It was so intense.
Still in my thoughts, I established a fact that the sin against humanity is a sin against God. And just as we have no good excuse to give for our sins, we in likewise sense have no refute to give for anchoring this menace.
For some of us who are not involved in the physical acts of inflicting pain on culprits,we still nurse some support for this act in our thought scenes. The fact that an individual choose to go left-wing in his conducts does not make them less humans. This fact should be considered before slamming a log of wood on his head.
Undermining the moral and religious implications of this act, it is yet a severe breach of the rule of law,the constitution. That ensues that no suspect is treated as guilty until is proven as such by the law. Like I’ve stated earlier, Jungle justice remains tenable only in the jungle as it remains an abomination in the human society.
Now how do we start a fight against this?
The first fight that needs to be won is in our thought pattern as individuals. No matter the degree of wrongs committed, the sympathetic humanity should always be allowed to influence your reactions. Sensitise as many as you can, tell them about the ill sides of this. Be fast in reporting cases of this to security operatives before it gets too late.

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