He came to pick me up because it was late and I was scared to walk alone and so I  happened to spend the night at his place last night. Me,him and the girl he came with. There was no other place to read. So we decided to read at his house(although we ended up not reading).

I like him, but I don’t know. Everything I’ve ever  liked is either expensive,far away, in a relationship,wants to catch cruise or doesn’t like me back.

But him… I don’t know. I’ve always admired him but I think it’s much stronger now.

He slept at one end of the bed,the other girl was in the middle and I was at the other end. She was in between the both of us. I don’t know if they’re dating  but I really wish they’re not. I wished she wasn’t there. I wished I was closer to him. He’s looks so good already and much more beautiful in his sleep,I wished I was closer so I could just stare at his face.

At one point in the night,he woke up( probably to ease himself because I heard the door open). He came back, turned off the lights,and climbed back into the bed. He threw the duvet over her and just when I thought he would fall right asleep, I felt him covering me up too.

I don’t know. Turns out the weather was cold and I was ovulating yesterday. But I don’t think it’s because of it. I really like him.

I left early because I had a lot to do. I saw him later today and I think I was the only one who felt the night was magical. He has probably had many girls over at his place( I mean the other girl was so comfortable so she must have been there a few times.)

He acted normal. I don’t know, I guess  I thought something would change. It hurts though. Alot.

I saw the both of them walking back home and as I walked far behind them,I concluded that I would stop feeling this way.

I accepted that this was another unrequited love in the mud.

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